Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shame On You

To the Senators who voted down the bill that would create and demand "enhanced" background checks, Congratulations! You just handed the legal, constitutional gun owners of this country a big fat win and gave the One Acting As President a black eye. To all you traitorous Senators that voted for the bill, I and many thousands other say, shame on you.

Enactment of this bill would have placed an onerous burden on everyday gun owners in that they would have had to go to a gun shop or other licensed dealer to have a background check run on your potential buyer. That dealer would, in all likely hood, tag you for 25 or more bucks for providing this service, so, in effect all privates sale would be hit with a price increase.

Here's a novel idea, why don't you asshats enforce the jillion or so laws we already have that relate to guns?

Has gun control ever done anything for crime control? No. All gun control laws has done is usually create new ways for the law abiding gun owners of this country to be ensnared in the myriad of laws that have no effect on illegal gun owners and illegal gun buyers.

What did the 1934 gun control law do? Well first off it gave jobs to all those revenue agents that were out of a job in 1935 with the repeal of the 18th amendment. Then it made previously cheap and available items expensive and unavailable to the general public. I mean who in their right mind was going to pay a 200 dollar tax on a 5 dollar or 100 dollar item? The criminal gangs that flourished in the the Volstead act did not turn in their automatic weapons. When they needed a new machine gun they bought stolen ones or raided police department and National Guard armories. The everyday, law abiding person was the only one affected.

What did the gin control Act of 1968 do? It made a whole slew of new regulation to trip up the law abiding gun owner. It created an artificial retail environment that froze the inventory of certain things and raised priced dramatically. To the everyday, legal gun owner it mad it impossible t buy this cheap dewat firearms and various weapons that are common to the infantry militiaman. Shoulder fired automatic rifles and carbines, anti tank rifles such as the Solothurn and the Boyes. It remove a whole bunch of historically significant guns that are normally covered under the militia clauses of most state constitutions.
Did this act affect illegal gun owners and illegal gun buys, i.e criminals? No, they still got their guns through illegal means. No gun control law in this country has ever affected the criminal element. These laws will and always will affect only the every day, legal gun owner. And that my friend, is the intention of the government.To make it so difficult for us to buy guns or ammo that it sharply curtails purchases. But as you can see from the latest purchase frenzy, the everyday legal gun owner always trumps the bloated, traitorous bastards that rule this country. And we always will, cause when push comes to shove, the constitutional gun owners of this country, even though it may just be 3% of them, will push back so hard it will bring about a new nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for All. A nation that will adhere to this Constitution for these United States.

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