Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pistol Caliber Carbines

This is the third in the Inexpensive Guns Series. This will cover a couple examples of pistol caliber carbines.
Light, compact and having low recoil they make fine guns for target practice, fun and are great defensive weapons. Both of these guns are Made In America!

Kel-Tec Sub 2000
This handy little carbine comes in 9mm and .40 caliber. It is semi-automatic and has the ability to use magazines from popular handguns. The most amazing aspect of the Sub 2000 is that it folds to a compact 16 x 7 package for storage or transport. This little shooter, like so many handguns today, has a polymer stock and frame. The frame is molded in 2 halves with the left half containing the ejector and the serial number.
The 9mm version can be ordered to use magazines for Glock 17 and 19, S&W 59, Beretta 92 or The SIG 226.
The .40 version can be ordered to accept magazines for Glock 22, S&W 4006, Beretta 96 or the SIG 226.
The tubular buttstock contains the bolt assemble and recoil spring.
First hand reports say this carbine is accurate and dependable but forget about using cheap Blazer aluminum ammo in this gun. One drawback to this gun is that the front sight tower is plastic and glued to the barrel. This is easily knocked loose.
The MSRP for the Kel-Tec is $406 but, can be found in gunshops for just over $350.

Now for the true economy king of pistol cartridge carbines...
The Hi Point 995 and 4095
These carbines also have polymer stocks but do have a metal receiver cover as well as a metal barrel shroud. With a barrel length of 17.5 inches and an overall length of 32.5 inches they are very compact and handy. They feed from a 10 round proprietary magazine and are semi-automatic in action. These guns come very well equipped with iron sights, a scope mount, a sling, and a trigger lock. Hi Point has an excellent Lifetime Warranty. And unlike the KelTec, they have steel sights. These guns are capable of 2 inch 10 round groups at 25 yards with a red dot type sight.
With an MSRP of $242 for the 9mm, they can be found in all gun shows and shops for $199.
The .40 version is a couple of dollars higher and is more scarce but packs a bigger punch.
A .45 acp version with a new redesigned stock is rumored to be coming out in August of 2009.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rain, Rain, go aw.... hell, do what you want

Bacon and egg sandwich in me. Now I'll see if I can get a little shooting in before it rains some more. I put a Butler Creek folding stock on a 10/22 and a BSA CatEye 3.5 x 10 x 50mm scope on it and it needs to be sighted in. I scored the scope from for about 30 dollars. You have to watch these guys because it seems like they are trying to get wealhy on the shipping fees now. The scope has the illuminated reticle with 5 brightness settings and 2 colors. Add a Butler Creek 25 round mag and that equals all kinds of fun. See ya!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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ammo and stuff

I wrote about the need to have a .22 in the house the other day. Well, you are going to need to feed that little popgun. I received a Cabelas coupon book in the mail yesterday and they have a sale on Federal .22 ammo. 2100 rounds, yes, yes 2100 for just under 80 bucks. That is 3.80 per hundred or 1.90 per 50. And it comes in a 15.00 dollar plastic ammo can. I had inventoried my .22 ammo yesterday and found my .22 stash to have over 3 thousand rounds and I can guarantee I paid a lot more than 80 dollars for 2100 of them. Look at ammo prices and availability and you will agree this is a deal. They also have a case of Winchester shotshells for under 60 dollars. 71/2 or 8 shot, 12 or 20 gauge, 10 boxes to the case 6 dollars a box. It's been a while since I bought shotshells but I would think this is a good deal. Both of these sales require a coupon. So lay your hands on a coupon and get bunch of ammo on the cheap.

I met a dealer at the gunshow that had a great deal on a pistol I am wanting. Springfield Armory XD 45 Tactical. This pack had the gun, 4 magazines, all the XD gear, a second XD holster and a spare recoil spring and guide rod all in a Springfield Armory hard case Just over 6 hundred dollars. Of course I had to sell 2 guns to buy this and didn't get it done. AND I forgot to go back and get CONTACT info before I left! HIA syndrome being manifested.

I have always admired old 22 rifles and have a couple of them. This gun show had Winchester 1890's, 1906's, and '62's as well as Remington model 12's coming out of the wood work. I even found a Marlin pump 22 with a hex barrel. Talk about drooling. I should have had a mop with me.

Monday, April 27, 2009

WHO declares world wide health emergency! Great Britain tests all passengers from Mexico! Mexico shuts down schools and public venues! The EU says don't go the Mexico or the US! The US says lets do business as usual, don't test any passengers from Mexico. Let's just watch more and more cases crop up here in the US.
Herr Napolitano says even if this outbreak fizzles lets look forward to another one. What kind of moron is this ignorant bitch? This would be the perfect time to shut down the US/Mexican border and get world approval for doing it. Think about this, when 20 MILLION people decide to leave the infected environs of Mexico city, where will they go?
Hey here's an idea! If we don't do anything to control the spead of swine flu and we end up with an epidemic or worse a pandemic, wouldn't that be a great time for Chairman Maobama to seize all the power. He could then run around screaming "I got the power, I got the power! Then he can wave his scepter over his head and POOF! all disease will be cured. The societal ones at least. OH what a glorious day that will be! NOT.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gunshow Report

My brother and I got to the gunshow early this morning. Lot's of guns and gun stuff but a conspicuous lack of ammo dealers. Huh, who woulda thought. Also, a conspicuous lack of BUYERS for the individuals there carrying personal firearms for sale. Dealers were doing a rather brisk trade in AR's and AK's. Huh, who woulda thought. I did see a table with an old Colt .32 auto as well as an old Colt .380. The prices weren't bad either. I could not get any bites on a Hi-Point 40 carbine or the Tec-9. We did meet some nice people today. One knife dealer gave my brother a knife and a guy selling backpacks and such "gave" my brother a pack for his boyscout son on promise to send the money to him next week. How's that for wacked out gun people? The last show I went to at the same place had a 7 dollar entry fee, today it was 10 bucks to get in. Even though I didn't achieve my goal today we did have a good time as usual at the Gunshow. I did see one very encouraging thing today...a lot of little kids being "indoctrinated in the gun culture". That what we need, a new crop of shooters. Now if the parent will teach them the Constitution we will be assured of a constitutionally correct future.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

GOT IT! The gunshop got the Tec done! After holding it for a year and 7 months they got it done. They did charge me for the work but did knock the price down to 50 bucks. So, after no explanation from the owner or the gunsmith, I will not be doing business with Denny's Guns/Snapshot 2001 Clay Street, North Kansas City, MO any further. During this time I bought 2 pistols from them and had every intention of aquiring a third soon. Not now, not ever. Kiss My ASS. Had to get that out.

MO, MO, MO. Anticipation

Off to mow the yard. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH............................................NOT! It's gonna rain and the lawn needs a couple inches knocked off.

I put a gun in the shop for repair. One year and 7 months ago. A Year AND 7 MONTHS AGO! I know this gun is hard to get parts for (Tec-DC9) but DAMN! I gave the shop a couple of resources for parts a few months after no results with their parts search. Recently this shop has changed to a new gunsmith. I called the new smith and told him of the situation. And gave him a couple of resources. He would check on parts and get back with me the next day ...yadda, yaddda, yadda. The call was never made. I went in two weeks later and nothing had been done. I went home, got online and TADAH... one trigger spring on it's way. I received the spring a few days later and delivered it to the shop the next day. Two weeks later I went to the shop again, and again NOTHING. I spoke with the owner and he was appalled at the situation. He went to the smith's shop ( the smith was gone for a couple of days) and found my gun AND a whole set of trigger group components as well as the trigger spring I delivered. TWO weeks later nothing. Yesterday a call was made to the shop and they would try to have the gun ready today. More to come.

Friday, April 24, 2009

economical guns part 2

Today is the second in the economical gun series. Today we will look at carbines. We will cover one semi-auto and one bolt action. Both of the guns have a military history and are currently readily available. Both of these guns use a rifle cartridge.

The Type 56 SKS
This semi-auto 30 caliber (7.62x39) carbine was developed in 1949 by Russian Sergei Siminov. Russia and various comblock countries produced this weapon in the millions and the Chinese have produced it commercially for export. This gun is NOT the father to the AK47. This gun feeds from a non-detachable 10 round box magazine. There is a multitude of parts and accessories to dress up an SKS. Light, handy and reasonably accurate, this gun, with it's military background, is also durable. I have sent 3-4 thousand rounds downrange through one of mine and encountered Zero problems. A few of my friends have taken many deer with an SKS and hunting ammo. Prices for these little jewels are are at this time inflated due to the political climate. I was able to find one on for $325 and a couple on for around $315 dollars. Still, a 30 caliber semi-auto for just over 300 buck is good. The ammo for these guns is fairly cheap and still available during this time of ammo shortages. It has been said there is no number to describe the amount of 7.62x39 ammo that has been produced. For more detailed information on the SKS go to this site. The ballistics of the little 7.62 cartridge are very similiar to those of the proven deer stopper 30-30. Velocity from the 124 gr. FMJ loading is 2300 fps with 1489 fp of energy at the muzzle. The 125 gr. soft point load has a muzzle velocity of 2365 fps and 1552 fp energy. At 200 yards the velocity is still running at 1783 fps with 882 fp energy. So this cartridge and gun is more than adequate for deer out to 200 yards and the SKS has proven itself capable in combat as well.
Now let's look at a bolt action carbine.

The Type 38, 44, 1891/56 carbines
The model 38 has been produced since 1938, the 44 started later. In production until 1955 there a plenty of these on the surplus market and being bolt action they are not on any ban list at this time. Chambered in the hard hitting 7.62x54R cartridge, this gun is between the power of a .308 and a 30/06. The cartridge is rimmed and carries bullets from 148 to over 200 grains. Plenty of fmj ammo for practice is available and soft point hunting ammo is widely available. In soft point form, the 150 grain load travels at 2600 feet per second and the 180 at 2400 fps. I was able to find ammo as low as $89.97 for a 440 rd box of Bulgarian fmj and soft point for 18 dollars per box of 20. This fine carbine chambered in this time proven cartridge is excellent for deer and larger game. In the carbine form, it does give quite a severe recoil but is easily managed. If you want to dress up your old M38 or M44 look at this sporterized scout version. Now for the good part... an as new 30 caliber bolt action carbine for....$79.99! Check your local gunshows and dealers for this handy hardhitting carbine. One of the best buys of the century.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


A few days ago I mentioned Montana giving the USG a big FU. Well, now Alaska and Texas are offering this bill and this one also to follow suit. Is this a trend I see? I certainly hope so. I mean, firearms fall under the states rights by the law of the land, The Constitution. Other states such as Wyoming, South Dakota and Utah could be added to the list of states that are moving in the right direction. Is your state going to be included? Remember it is possible to "vote with your feet". If my economic situation was better I would be out of this state in a heartbeat.

Most people think there were 11 Confederate States. In actuality there were 12. The Missouri legislature voted to secede and the Confederate Government voted to accept Missouri. It was the Lincoln military government of Missouri that said the state was a part of the Union. Go here to read about it.

Do you have a terrorist training camp near your home? Maybe you do and don't know about it. Look here and here. You gotta keep an eye on these guys. They usually claim to be schools. My schools never trained me in weapons, explosives and breaking and entering. For a good example of these stuff look at Islamberg.

The Firearm Basic

There are many, many types, styles and calibers of firearms that a person should have in there house. The most basic and and essential is the .22 rimfire. Every house should have at least one. My house has 6 .22 rifles and 4 .22 handguns. I consider the .22 to be as necessary as the salt in your kitchen. Cheap to buy and cheap to feed, they won't put a big dent in your wallet, unless you desire a truly fine example. Single shots, pump actions, bolt action repeaters, semi-autos and revolvers are all available in .22 rimfire. 22's are easy to learn on and and easy to teach with. They have low recoil and a low report. When you get down to it they are just plain fun. With a couple of the semi-autos there is a whole industry that has developed for supplying aftermarket accessories. Most of the .22s are reasonably accurate and many are exceptionally accurate. One of mine is squirrel head accurate out to 50 yards or more. The .22, as we know it, has been used since about 1857 for hunting and target shooting and when that is all that is available, defense. Try taking a child or a friend or better yet, a new shooter out plinking or even formal target shoot'n and you'll have a blast. So getcha one............................ or a dozen!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Minuteman, BAG, 9th circuit, illicit mfg,Texas Tea

Minuteman founder, Chris Simcox, has announced he will challenge John McCain for his senatorial seat. McCain (R) Arizona, 2009 Presidential candidate, is well know for his soft stance on the illegal immigration issue. Simcox does not have that problem. To set himself up for a senatorial campaign Simcox has resigned as head of the minuteman organization. To counter this action John McCain has done ..............nothing.

Katrina Pierson gave a great Tea Party speech at the Dallas Party. Check it out here. What a wonderful view point! We need more people to speak up in this manner.

Check out this fine pair, picked up for a Buy A Gun (BAG) Day also know as April 15. What did you get?

Another incomplete victory for gun owners. This one was handed down by the liberal 9Th Circuit Court no less. Go to your favorite range and celebrate with a second amendment demonstration.

Are you or are you thinking of becoming an illicit manufacturer? If you're reloading your own ammo or adding aftermarket parts to your guns then you could be doing so illegally if Chairman Maobama gets the Inter American Treaty signed. This is the one that's been hanging around for years and that POS Calderone of Mexico wants The Great One to sign. Contact your congress critters and demand they put a stop to this treaty.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When you look back through your life, the path it has taken is amazing. I graduated high school in 1982 and two days later I was in Portland Texas with 50 bucks in my pocket. The folks of the friend who had talked me into going to going to Texas started selling shrimp and put me to work. Good work if you can get it. Go to the fishhouse of your choice, buy a load of shrimp , ice it down and drive to the roadside location of you choice and start collecting money. It doesn't sound like much now but in 1982 I was making over 300 dollars a week CASH. Finally got a real job. In the oilfield industry. Hard work, long hours, $5.10 an hour averaging 72 hours a week with many 90-150 hour weeks. The american oil industry colllapsed around 1983 and I ended up in a construction job in Corpus Christi. We must have been experiencing global COOLING at that time because we had an ice storm and freezing temperatures that year in Corpus. We eventually moved back to Missouri and I got a job laying asphalt and that morphed to a job doing structural repair work to an commercial underground facility. That turned into a 20 year occupation. Laborer, structural safety inspector, construction lead, maintenance supervisor and finally maintenance and construction manager. Then came THAT meeting. Unemployment, a new job, a another new job and a new industry for me. Then the crash of 2008 came and I was unemployed again. Still. I guess I should have pursued a career as a Community Organizer. Maybe I could have been President by now? Let's see, snort some coke, smoke some crack, engage in homesexual acts, hang out with terrorists, produce a ghost witten book, skirt around with multi million dollar fraud artists , get elected senator and Shazam I'm President!

Monday, April 20, 2009

While our Great Leader was in the South American coutries he got to attend a summit of the leaders of those nations. I seems that while out spreading change to the good folks down there the USA was being verbally attacked for abusing the Latin countries. ABUSE! Fuck them! Take away all the military aid, take away all the humanitarian aid and let them see how the narco terrorists will abuse them. Refuse entry to any South American imports and see how that works out for them.

Senior White House Advisor Davide Axlerod let the crap spew out of his pie hole again. And good ole James Carville says the Tea Parties are harmless and damaging to the Republicans.

While you were attending all those 600 Tea Parties last week, did you feel the eyes of Big Brother on you? The FBI directed all field offices to confirm the date and location of all tea parties and to monitor them as political rallies.

Do you remember Maobamas brave rescue of Captain Phillips? His hard line against the pirate captors of the Captain? Here is a little insider info on what really went down.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

First the little stuff.

The gunshow is coming, the gunshow is coming! April 25, 26 at the KCI Expo Center Kansas City Missouri. Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9-3. There will be 400 tables and about 40,000 people.
I am thinking of trading my Tec-DC9 for a Springfield XD Tactical in 45. The tactical has the 5 inch barrel for a longer sight radius. The XDM looks good but is is not in 45 yet only in 9 and 40.


I have posted on the states sovereignty movement in the past now, that leftist moonbat Rachel Maddow is comparing that to the Confederacy. As if that is a derogative term. Maybe she should read the Constitution before she comments on Constitutional matters. She is just another mouth piece for Chairman Maobama. Rachel, honey, read the Constitution then, try to say that state sovereignty is a Confederacy thing. It's a Constitutionally recognized Right. While succession is not a constitutional right the states do have the right to create a new government. Since the Constitution is a contract with the States and the USG has not abided with the contract, is the contract now null?

While on the ass kissing trip to the Great? country of Mexico, Maobama meet with Calderon several times. Afterwards a reporter asked if Maobamas campaign promise to reinstate the assault weapons ban was still a promise, Maobama had this to say:
"Well, first of all we did discuss this extensively in our meetings. I have not backed off from my belief that the gun- the assault weapon ban made sense." And to paraphrase he also said that everyone knows it would be hard to get a gun ban passed right now.
Calderon one upped The Great Leader with this statement:
"one more thing, one more thing I forgot to mention. One other thing we can do is to track the weapons that we have in Mexico. If we manage to detect weapons sold illegally in the United States in violation of this law on the control of weapons exports, or if, in the United States, they can probably move forward on a good registration of armaments or on the prohibition of certain massive sales of weapons, for example, to a hunter or to a common citizen, we know that those people do not usually buy hundreds of rifles or assault weapons or grenades, if we can move forward in those areas, I do believe that the security of both the United States and Mexico will improve because those weapons are pointing against Mexican people and Mexican officials today."
WOW! Does anyone know anyone that buys hundreds of rifles at a time? Or does any one know where to pick up hundreds of assault weapons and grenades? And I bet the Great Leader stood there with a shit eating grin on his face the whole time. You and I cannot buy grenades, not one or hundreds. You and I cannot buy hundreds of assault weapons because they are under strict control and basically there is a fixed amount of fully auto assault weapons due to governmental regulation which has driven the cost of one sample into the stratosphere. And supposedly we the people are buying them buy the hundreds, shipping them to Mexico and receiving the whopping sum of 50 bucks each (that's about the cost to purchase an fully auto AK from China when the bad guys illegally buy a container load of them delivered to the Mexican docks). Give me a break! If the drug cartels are using fully auto weapons of US origin then they came from the USG via donations to the Mexican government.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What can YOU do?

With the massive injection of 4, 6 or 8 trillion dollars into the economy and more to come, we are most assuredly going to see inflation or even hyperinflation which will effectually change our society as we know it. If we are faced with a societal/economical down turn and a whole bunch of jobs end we will likely see a resurgence in home based business' and and a barter economy. If it does get to that point, the question is what can YOU do? What skills do you have that may be valuable in an economic collapse? Are you a mechanic, nurse, doctor or welder, what can you do?

I can fix my cars but I'm not a mechanic, I can build a house but I'm not a carpenter, I can wire a house but I'm not an electrician. I have a lot of skills that may be useful in a depression? but I am not trained or certified in any one thing. I can do a lot of repairs to guns but I'm not a gunsmith. What I am getting certified in is the locksmith skill. This is a purely need driven skill, it is not economy based and there are not many locksmiths in my area. When you need a key or need in your house or car who is going to do that?

If you are trained in any particular skill , do you have the tools and supplies to use that skill?
A nurse or doctor should have a supply of non-prescription supplies such as bandages, casts, splints and any thing else they can lay their hands on. Just like a mechanic should have a wide variety of tools, spark plugs, brake pads, hoses, fluids and filters.
Find out what you can do and make arrangements to carry on that skill in the future, no matter what that future might bring.

100 Millionth NICS check! The EFF BEE EYE says they have processed the 100 million NICS (National Crime Information Background Check System) check since it started on November 30, 1998. That means there have been nearly 100 MILLION GUNS sold since the end of 1998! While there have been many denials there have also been multiple purchases done under One NICS check.
Most estimates that have been tossed around over the years put the number of guns in America at around 200 Million. Based on the latest NICS report the FBI thinks the 200 Million number may be too low based on the decade upon decade production and sale of guns with no government tracking.

Do you know anyone that says guns are to dangerous to keep in the house? Or say gun accidents are out of proportion to their numbers? Or are you interested to see how gun accidents stack up against other types of accidents? Look here and see all the information you will need to answer or respond to any accusations of excessive gun accidents. Fore example gun accidents are .27 out of 100,000 while accidental suffocation/choking is at 2 per 100,000.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Go Montana!

Talk about sovereignty. The Montana Governor just gave a big 'ol FU to the USG. Maybe the other 49 will pay attention to Montanas exercise of Article 10.

Ninny speaks

Well the fun never stops. Yet another actress has showed her political ass and opened her hate spewing, misinformed pie hole. But what can we expect from this nasty piece of work. Please, promise to never, ever watch anything this vile tramp stars? in. Gag! hack! Choke!

More BANG for the Buck

Pretty much everyone knows that guns are selling faster than ice cubes in hell right now. And, everyone knows that the time, they are rough and the dollars are stretched pretty thin.
So what's a person to do if funds are low and you feel the need to acquire that first firearm or simply add to the current collection. The answer is to make those dollars go further.
Today will be the first in a weekly series on economical firearms. For this first installment we will cover a good all purpose shotgun, the venerable Mossberg 500 series.
First a few specs.
stocks: wood or polymer
receiver: aluminum
finish: blued, camo, parkerized
magazine capacity(w/o plug: 4-8
barrel length: 18.5 to 28 inches
length of pull: 14 inches standard, other available
sights: bead, rifle type, fiber optic or ghost ring
MSRP: all purpose field shotgun $354.00
used prices: as low as 100 bucks
Now for some general information.
The 500 was designed in 1960 and hit the retail shelves in 1961 and is still in production today. Originally provided with a single slide action bar by 1970 the system was changed to a dual bar action. Lock up is via a single large locking lug that engages a recess in the top of the barrel tang. This design does no necessarily rely on the strength of the receiver. The design of this gun makes it very easy to disassemble for cleaning, repair or upgrades.
This series includes the 500, 505, 535, 590 models. Currently the the line is offered in 12 and 20 gauges and .410 bore. The can be had in blue, camo and parkerized finishes. The sub model 590 is a military style shotgun and the 590A1 can be acquired as a 14 inch barrel Title II weapon. A marine version is available with a corrosion resistant MarineCote finish. Depending on the configuration, 500's can be used for hunting, police, trap and skeet, military and even as a .50 caliber muzzle loader.


500-field and all purpose
505-youth model
535-3.5 inch chamber version of the 500 family
590-civilian, police and military model

500 Guide

500A-12 gauge
500B-16 gauge (discontinued)
500C-20 gauge
500D-.410 bore

In the 500 A&C we can have a reasonably priced, dependable home and personal defense weapon, a tool for procuring game and a target sports firearm with the base MSRP of $354.00 and used specimens as low as 100 bucks. Here is an example of a used one. If you shop at the big box retailers you can pick up bird shot, slugs and buckshot on the cheap.
So, keep your eyes open and your wallet ready to draw.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Goddess has spoken!

Excellent commentary on the lefts response to the Tea Parties. As usual the lefts first thought is a homosexual act.

Pirates and Tea Parties

The Somali pirates have issued a statement saying that they will hunt down Americans. So the pirates want a fight with Americans, eh? I say let then have it. If the USG does not want to commit assets to provide full time escort and protective duties around the Somali coast then we should dust off those Letters of Marque and let the privateers handle the protection for the US shipping interests.
I know a lot of people don't care for Blackwater but, they have bought a ship and have it rigged for maritime protection duties. While the 183 foot ship, The McArthur, is not armed the crew certainly is. The ship does carry a number of ridgid inflatable boats and a helicopter. With the high tech electronics on board and Blackwaters well known trigger fingers they should be able to make quite a dent in the Somali pirates. If we could then couple that with a US/Allied forces ground based attack on the pirate camps and towns we should be able to knock this pirate situation down. If the US wants protection for it's American flagged shipping vessels, issue a Letter of Marque and sign a specific mission contract with the would be privateer. If other countries want the service let them be signatories to the contract.

Blinders. He must be wearing blinders. Oh, and ear plugs. With over 500 tea parties yesterday and dozens preceeding that magnificent day, Obamas handlers claim he didn't know about the tea parties.
Do we need more evidence that 1. The Arrogent One doesn't give a crap about the American people. 2. His aids and staff keep anything that shows disapproval of him and his policies off his plate. 3. The liberal media outlets try to ingore or denigrate any conservative activities. 4. That he has his head so far up his ass that he can't see what the policies of him and his socialistic quislings are doing to this country. Well, more to the point, he and his quislings KNOW what they're doing and are glad to be on "The Long March" down that hell hole of socialism, fascism and communism. Just think, only 3 1/2 more years 'til we get the opportunity to see the change we're looking for. Or only 1 1/2 more 'til we get the opportunity to install a boat load of conservatives in congress to oppose all the idiocy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OK. All the links for today are fixed.
Nancy Pelosi (D) California. High Priestess of Gun Control and president of the schrill bitch nutjob squad says she'll pick the time and place. I can barely think of her without puking a little in my mouth. Is it just me or does she look crazy?
Today there is an uprising of the silent majority, the god fearing , gun owning, small government people. Yes, I am speaking of the Tax Day Tea Parties sweeping the country today. While we are amatures at the whole protesting thing I am sure being conservative in nature we will also be polite in our actions unlike the minions of the leftist parties, those serfs to the Great Society. Bring your signs , bring your voices and bring your beliefs in the conservative values that have made this country great.

There is another movement taking place today....Buy A Gun Day. While every day since the Chosen One, BHO was nominated has been an unofficial buy a gun day, today is the real thing. So if your personal economics will allow such an expenditure, GET BUSY! If your current fortunes are not at that level then buy a box of ammo, buy a gun magazine, hang out at a gun shop (before or after you go to your tea party). So try to pick up something like this, or this or my personal favorite, one of these ( if you can afford the dollars, time and hassle).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people" Article X (10) of the Bill of Rights.

As of February 23, 2009 33 States have issued resolutions or bills reasserting States rights under Article (amendment) 10 of the Bill of Rights to the US Constitution. These resolutions have been brought on by a variety of issues but they all have one thing in common...the Constitution only grants certain and enumerated rights and duties to the United States Government. There is a little fly in the ointment of the 10th though. It's called the commerce clause of Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution. The USG has focused on 4 words in that section to claim a mountain of rights over the States...provide for..........general welfare. " The congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States."

The 10th is based on a clause in the Articles of Confederation which basically says that each State retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence and every power, jurisdiction, and right. To read more on this go here.

Ronald Reagan, God bless him, issued Executive Order #12612 reafirming the Federal Governments limited powers. Then along came the horrid circus known as the Clinton administration in which Blow Job Bill issued Executive order #13083 which basically revoked the 10th. Soon after, due to backlash (or maybe the promise of another bj), he "suspended" the EO.

So in general the aforementioned 4 words are the ruination of a once fine and proud country. Yeah, that and the hell with the constitution executive orders and judges legislating from the bench. So, grab your pitchforks, rope and tar and get busy. Or as retired blogger Kim once? said ...Rope...Tree...Politician. Some assembly required.

On Tuesday the 14th I posted a link about the Federal version of the Missouri MIAC document. BHO is now trying to distance himself from the document saying the DHS does what they want. Wait Didn't he appoint Napolitano as head of the DHS? Isn't the DHS a federal agency? How can he distance himself from that?

Monday, April 13, 2009

We can all take a lesson from this guy. Watch maker turns gunfighter. He went from a person willing to let others handle his safety to a survivor in a very short time. There are far to many people who are willing to let others provide what they themselves should be willing to do which is defend themselves. While Mr. Thomas has learned to take care of his own life he has, by his own words removed himself from society. A person who is truly free in all ways would not lock themselves away but continue normal life with a defensive posture.

Hunting season! Well, not what you think. But I do wonder if there is a bag limit.

Here is another law enforcement document that has been leaked. It resembles the Missouri MIAC crap but this time it comes from the Feds. Will we ever wise up and demand an end to the use of our hard earned dollars going to this kind of bs.

All the rain lately got me to thinking about a vehicle I used to have. Back in 92-94 I had a '78 Ford Bronco. This was a great big ol' thing with a 4 inch lift and 35 inch tires. This ride had a badass 351M with a C-6 tranny all turning a 9 inch nodular rear diff and a Dana 44 front both stuffed with 3.50 gears. 31 spline axle turned the wheels. Man! This thing would rip through a mud pit or dirt/mud road. Once I hauled myself and 5 other hunters over a mile through a freshly disked field that had received over 5 inches of rain overnight. Coming out we had the same load plus 4 deer. NO problem. The thing is, I also got 15 mpg on the highway from this rolling brick. I sure do miss that truck.
On this date in 1743 our third President, Thomas Jefferson was born in Virginia. His presidency ran from 1801-1809. In 1861, after 34 hours of bombardment, the Union Fort Sumter surrender to Confederate forces. This has been an auspicious date in history.
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The Constitution has an emminent domain clause in it that was intended to be used for the creation of roads, sewers and other needed infrastructure. This clause has been perverted by developers who are assisted with a crooked court to allow this Constitutional clause to be used to snatch peoples homes and farms so that shopping centers and big box stores can be built. The crazy logic to this is the new business provides more taxes that can be used for building the needed infrastructure. Now there has been a movie available for about a year called "Begging For Billionaires: The Attack on Property Rights in America". This movie is slated to brought to the big screen soon. Philip Klein of Kansas city is the producer who says that good ol' MO is the wost offender in the US. The movie puts its focus on the State of Missouri.

I recently had a set of XS Sights 24/7 Express Big Dot tritium sights installed on my carry gun. These sight are amazing for their fast aquisition and for such a wide open sight they are suprisingly accurate. Designed for short range work and used in such a setting I have been able to keep double and triple taps as well as rapid fire full mags under 2 inches at the CCW testing range of 7 yards. As Mikey said...Try it you'll like it!

My wifes boss gave me as a gift, a bottle of Herradura Anejo Tequila. Veeerrry nice. Great for plain old sipping, this tequila is smooth and flavorful. I won't go into the hints of this-n-that and what finish it has but believe me it's a good drinking liquor. At the 2007 World Spirits Competion in San Francisco this tequila won double gold.

With all the anger, denial, refusals and accusations over the recently disclosed Missouri MIAC document, I was amazed at this revelation. Alan Pettet, a retired truck driver and Vietnam Veteran, has recruited 18 men to form a citizens militia to provide law enforcement when the city of Stockton, California lays off at least 43 police officers. The city vows to fight this constitutional group and the militia and their lawyer say bring it on.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

SEAL Snipers

GO SEALs!!! 3 in the x-ring! On the open water from tossing ship to an enclosed bobbing boat. That is shooting! Hell yeah!

What I am

Being a conservative, it should go without saying but I will say it anyway. I am a pro-gun gunowner who ownes and uses guns. Is that clear? I am also a constitutionalist who is pro-family, pro-military and pro-police. Just don't let the military act like police or let the police act like the military. Whoops, too late!
I will be discussing politics, firearms, family, hobbies and anything else I feel is relevent to my life, this country and our government. Feel free to comment but if things get mean spirited and ugly I reserve the right to edit the comments as I see fit.
HOORAY!!! Pirates defeated!!! Three down, hundreds to go.
We took care of the Barbary Pirates back in 1804 When Thomas Jefferson was granted permission by the congress to direct the young navy to take action. We sent a force of highly trained, amphibious warriors called The Marines to kick some pirate ass. Ever heard the Marine Hymn? "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli". In the years around 1789 Thomas Jefferson and others were negotiating with Tripoli for a peace between the fledgling United States and the various Barbary states whose primary income came from piracy. From a miniscule budget the US paid 20% of our gross income as tribute nay payoff to Tripoli.
We have the dedication, skill, technology and tools to bring this modern version to an end if the hand wringing, panywaisted group in control now will let the military deal with this issue.

In the immortal words of Jay G. That is all.