Saturday, April 18, 2009

What can YOU do?

With the massive injection of 4, 6 or 8 trillion dollars into the economy and more to come, we are most assuredly going to see inflation or even hyperinflation which will effectually change our society as we know it. If we are faced with a societal/economical down turn and a whole bunch of jobs end we will likely see a resurgence in home based business' and and a barter economy. If it does get to that point, the question is what can YOU do? What skills do you have that may be valuable in an economic collapse? Are you a mechanic, nurse, doctor or welder, what can you do?

I can fix my cars but I'm not a mechanic, I can build a house but I'm not a carpenter, I can wire a house but I'm not an electrician. I have a lot of skills that may be useful in a depression? but I am not trained or certified in any one thing. I can do a lot of repairs to guns but I'm not a gunsmith. What I am getting certified in is the locksmith skill. This is a purely need driven skill, it is not economy based and there are not many locksmiths in my area. When you need a key or need in your house or car who is going to do that?

If you are trained in any particular skill , do you have the tools and supplies to use that skill?
A nurse or doctor should have a supply of non-prescription supplies such as bandages, casts, splints and any thing else they can lay their hands on. Just like a mechanic should have a wide variety of tools, spark plugs, brake pads, hoses, fluids and filters.
Find out what you can do and make arrangements to carry on that skill in the future, no matter what that future might bring.

100 Millionth NICS check! The EFF BEE EYE says they have processed the 100 million NICS (National Crime Information Background Check System) check since it started on November 30, 1998. That means there have been nearly 100 MILLION GUNS sold since the end of 1998! While there have been many denials there have also been multiple purchases done under One NICS check.
Most estimates that have been tossed around over the years put the number of guns in America at around 200 Million. Based on the latest NICS report the FBI thinks the 200 Million number may be too low based on the decade upon decade production and sale of guns with no government tracking.

Do you know anyone that says guns are to dangerous to keep in the house? Or say gun accidents are out of proportion to their numbers? Or are you interested to see how gun accidents stack up against other types of accidents? Look here and see all the information you will need to answer or respond to any accusations of excessive gun accidents. Fore example gun accidents are .27 out of 100,000 while accidental suffocation/choking is at 2 per 100,000.

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