Saturday, April 25, 2009

MO, MO, MO. Anticipation

Off to mow the yard. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH............................................NOT! It's gonna rain and the lawn needs a couple inches knocked off.

I put a gun in the shop for repair. One year and 7 months ago. A Year AND 7 MONTHS AGO! I know this gun is hard to get parts for (Tec-DC9) but DAMN! I gave the shop a couple of resources for parts a few months after no results with their parts search. Recently this shop has changed to a new gunsmith. I called the new smith and told him of the situation. And gave him a couple of resources. He would check on parts and get back with me the next day ...yadda, yaddda, yadda. The call was never made. I went in two weeks later and nothing had been done. I went home, got online and TADAH... one trigger spring on it's way. I received the spring a few days later and delivered it to the shop the next day. Two weeks later I went to the shop again, and again NOTHING. I spoke with the owner and he was appalled at the situation. He went to the smith's shop ( the smith was gone for a couple of days) and found my gun AND a whole set of trigger group components as well as the trigger spring I delivered. TWO weeks later nothing. Yesterday a call was made to the shop and they would try to have the gun ready today. More to come.

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