Monday, April 27, 2009

WHO declares world wide health emergency! Great Britain tests all passengers from Mexico! Mexico shuts down schools and public venues! The EU says don't go the Mexico or the US! The US says lets do business as usual, don't test any passengers from Mexico. Let's just watch more and more cases crop up here in the US.
Herr Napolitano says even if this outbreak fizzles lets look forward to another one. What kind of moron is this ignorant bitch? This would be the perfect time to shut down the US/Mexican border and get world approval for doing it. Think about this, when 20 MILLION people decide to leave the infected environs of Mexico city, where will they go?
Hey here's an idea! If we don't do anything to control the spead of swine flu and we end up with an epidemic or worse a pandemic, wouldn't that be a great time for Chairman Maobama to seize all the power. He could then run around screaming "I got the power, I got the power! Then he can wave his scepter over his head and POOF! all disease will be cured. The societal ones at least. OH what a glorious day that will be! NOT.

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