Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today there is an uprising of the silent majority, the god fearing , gun owning, small government people. Yes, I am speaking of the Tax Day Tea Parties sweeping the country today. While we are amatures at the whole protesting thing I am sure being conservative in nature we will also be polite in our actions unlike the minions of the leftist parties, those serfs to the Great Society. Bring your signs , bring your voices and bring your beliefs in the conservative values that have made this country great.

There is another movement taking place today....Buy A Gun Day. While every day since the Chosen One, BHO was nominated has been an unofficial buy a gun day, today is the real thing. So if your personal economics will allow such an expenditure, GET BUSY! If your current fortunes are not at that level then buy a box of ammo, buy a gun magazine, hang out at a gun shop (before or after you go to your tea party). So try to pick up something like this, or this or my personal favorite, one of these ( if you can afford the dollars, time and hassle).

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