Thursday, April 23, 2009


A few days ago I mentioned Montana giving the USG a big FU. Well, now Alaska and Texas are offering this bill and this one also to follow suit. Is this a trend I see? I certainly hope so. I mean, firearms fall under the states rights by the law of the land, The Constitution. Other states such as Wyoming, South Dakota and Utah could be added to the list of states that are moving in the right direction. Is your state going to be included? Remember it is possible to "vote with your feet". If my economic situation was better I would be out of this state in a heartbeat.

Most people think there were 11 Confederate States. In actuality there were 12. The Missouri legislature voted to secede and the Confederate Government voted to accept Missouri. It was the Lincoln military government of Missouri that said the state was a part of the Union. Go here to read about it.

Do you have a terrorist training camp near your home? Maybe you do and don't know about it. Look here and here. You gotta keep an eye on these guys. They usually claim to be schools. My schools never trained me in weapons, explosives and breaking and entering. For a good example of these stuff look at Islamberg.

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