Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When you look back through your life, the path it has taken is amazing. I graduated high school in 1982 and two days later I was in Portland Texas with 50 bucks in my pocket. The folks of the friend who had talked me into going to going to Texas started selling shrimp and put me to work. Good work if you can get it. Go to the fishhouse of your choice, buy a load of shrimp , ice it down and drive to the roadside location of you choice and start collecting money. It doesn't sound like much now but in 1982 I was making over 300 dollars a week CASH. Finally got a real job. In the oilfield industry. Hard work, long hours, $5.10 an hour averaging 72 hours a week with many 90-150 hour weeks. The american oil industry colllapsed around 1983 and I ended up in a construction job in Corpus Christi. We must have been experiencing global COOLING at that time because we had an ice storm and freezing temperatures that year in Corpus. We eventually moved back to Missouri and I got a job laying asphalt and that morphed to a job doing structural repair work to an commercial underground facility. That turned into a 20 year occupation. Laborer, structural safety inspector, construction lead, maintenance supervisor and finally maintenance and construction manager. Then came THAT meeting. Unemployment, a new job, a another new job and a new industry for me. Then the crash of 2008 came and I was unemployed again. Still. I guess I should have pursued a career as a Community Organizer. Maybe I could have been President by now? Let's see, snort some coke, smoke some crack, engage in homesexual acts, hang out with terrorists, produce a ghost witten book, skirt around with multi million dollar fraud artists , get elected senator and Shazam I'm President!

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