Sunday, May 31, 2009


On Saturday me and Cherry Pie rode to her aunt's 80th birthday party. It was a nice affair. We saw a lot of her side of the family and got a little something to eat and had a nice round trip ride of about 75 miles. As we we leaving I got a call on my cell phone. Some friends of our's from North Western Missouri were 7 miles from my house and wanted to know when we would be home so we could all go riding. We made it back in about 25 minutes and found them parked under the maple tree waiting for us. After meets and greets and a glass or two of sweettea we left on a little ride we call the river run. We stopped in Independence MO.and ate at "On the Border". We spent about an hour bs'ing and left again. They headed home about 8:30 or so. That's bikers for you. Ride over a hundred miles to see friends and then ride another 100 or so for fun then ride another hundred back home.

Here is a picture of two of my most favite things. And here is one with a more historical view. And yet again a more recent view.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Janine Turner is a conservative gun rights supporter and not bad lookin' either. You may remember her from the Northern Exposure series. Check out her official website.
As I have been saying... we are on a downward spiral to socialism, Marxism, fascism, communism and I'm not the only one saying so. These guys think so too and they should know.


We are winning the gun control issue bit by bit. At the recent NRA convention there were 50 gun bloggers invited to attend. These bloggers have published page upon page of news relating to this event and nearly nothing has been heard from the 100 mainstream media journalist that were in attendance. The Violence Policy Center thinks this is the beginning of the end for anti-gunners. Support your favorite gun blogger and keep the pressure on your legislators.


Friday, May 29, 2009

This is a test. I repeat, this is only a test

Can you guess what this is?

1. Abolition of private property
2. Institution of a heavy progressive tax
3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance
4. Confiscation of property of all immigrants and rebels
5. Institution of a central bank
6. Government control of communication and transportation
7. Government ownership of factories and agriculture
8. Government control of labor
9. Creation of corporate farms and regional planning
10. Institution of govermental control of education

Does any of that sound familiar? Is any of this happening in our country today? Be angy, be very, very angry.
Click here for the answer.

A while back I found a good online novel called "Lights Out". It's posted in a pdf format and is kinda rough but it is entertaining and does make you think, especially with North Korea demonstrating their new missiles and nuclear devices and Iran spinning away with a couple thousand centrifuges. Read this and see if it doesn't make you think just a little.

I still can't believe it. 72 percent. 72 percent!!!!! The government is going to own 72 percent of GM. *#&~%#*&#@*&@#*#!!!!!!!. Oh, see number 7 above. And #1. And #8.

Take a look at this beauty, Gorgeous! This picture puts desire in my heart.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A member of what?

It has now come out that SCOTUS candidate Sotomeyer is a member of the racist organization called La Raza. La Raza wants no immigration laws and rejects the obligation of law enforcement to enforce immigration law wants drivers licenses for illegals and promotes Amnesty for all illegal aliens.. La Raza is also tied to several subgroups that are striving to reclaim the South West United States as the Atzlan empire. By the way La Raza translates to "The Race". Perhaps that's were the "Latina woman" comment came from.
She thinks only states and the feds should have guns. At least 60 percent of decisions she has been part of, have been overturned by the Supreme Court. She has rejected free speech and has handed down racist decisions. Yet the One Sitting in the Presidents Chair thinks she is the one for the job.

Hey good news! Next week Gm May declare bankruptcy. The USG will the own 70-80 percent of the business. Once again I'm just going to wait for my stock certificates since it is MY money taking over GM. Wow! Chrysler Stock AND GM stock! I might be able sell it and buy a box of .22's. I do want to know why, when any other business goes bankrupt they can renegotiate their contracts and obligations, but the automakers can't?

This was seen on Survival Blog. "To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile but is morally treasonable to the American Public." Theodore Roosevelt.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shooting and the North

I'm not bragging but I am a good shot. Once I nailed a whitetail doe on the run at over 400 yards with a perfect shot using a 300 Win mag. On another occasion I filled my 3 tags in one setting, shooting all 3 sequentially from over 300 yards from a sitting position using a sling and a bolt action 30/06. Hand guns are the same way. I had a Super Black Hawk in .44 magnum and could regularly hit an 8 inch target at ranges up to 250 yards. .22 revolvers at 100 yards was just plain fun. That was all when I was shooting alot. But none of that compares to this. I can see where this skill would come in handy. I need to get back to shooting more. I hate to use up my ammo in the current situation though.

That insane clown running North Korea is going to have a nuclear war one way or another. He has with drawn from the armistice agreement with South Korea and has been firing long range missiles for the last couple of days and to cap it all off, he has tested a nuclear bomb. South Korea has joined the Proliferation Security Initiative and will be joining other countries in stopping and searching ships heading to North Korea. NK considers this an act of war. Russia is concerned this issue could go nuclear. This guy is a piece of work. He starves his county into submission. The starving masses have denuded the country of trees and any thing else that might improve their pathetic lives. There is no industry as these night time pictures show. These pictures show missile launch sites but they also show a bare country side.The only people that live a somewhat normal life are the Government Lackies and the Military personnel. They spend pretty much their entire national budget on the military and spying operations. At one time their primary income came from counterfeiting US currency. The country is riddled with caves and tunnels packed with tanks, guns, trucks, ammo and provisions, waiting for the word from the Idiot in Charge to bust out and head for the South. Now this moron has a nuke. The rest of the world needs to find the persons or countries that provided them with this technology and materials and wax their asses for good.

Here is a quote from one of the Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson. "If there be any among us who wish to dissolve the Union or to change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed, as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daily Carry

Here is a picture of what I carry everyday. From the 12 o'clock position... Rock Island Armory Officers model .45 acp outfitted with the Express Sights Big Dot tritium setup. Add a McCormick ss mag and the Novak mag that came with the gun, all mags full of 230 grain Gold Dot Hollow points. Then comes the Taurus PT-22 with 3 mags of CCI mini mags for a total of 27 .22 long rifles cartridges. Over at the 9 o'clock area is a Gerber shortcut multitool and above that is a Schrade X Timer lock back. The .45 and the spare mag go in leather by Wild Bills Concealment with the Taurus going in a generic "wallet style" concealment device. If I am working on a jobsite the guns go in a Craftsman tool bag along with a Sure Fire flashlight, a spare knife (Cold Steel Endura) and some 550 paracord. In an office setting the same stuff goes in my laptop case or briefcase. Most jobsites and offices have a NO WEAPONS policy so that makes things a little tricky. I am looking for an inside the waist band holster for the .45 that I can afford on my current limited budget. They are out there but I prefer a quality rig over one that I will have to replace frequently.
As to the knife, I got a hell of a deal on this model as a close out from Smokey Mountain Knifeworks. I bought 4 of them and gave two as gifts and kept 2 for me. Depending on the situation, I at times, substitute a Gerber folding Applegate/Fairbairn in a horizontal carry or a Cold Steel Scimitar.
I wonder what Obama carries? He's gonna to need a big stick, what with Korea and Iran acting up. Then Israel is bucking his wishes and proceeding to build in existing settlements which will be an excuse for the Palestinians and their ilk to resume the rocket and bomb attack on Israel who will respond with all their might.. Speaking of Israel, they may be looking at preemptive strike on Iran. Again. Didn't Say It Ain't So Joe predict/reveal this in the campaign for president?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

weekend stuff

We planned on sleeping in a little today. But.....we forgot that the dogs don't sleep in. So I was waxing the truck at 7:00 this morning. I do think Cherry Pie wants me to help her do some outside stuff in exchange for taking her for a ride today. Does that sound right? Oh well.

We bought HOW much ammo?In the month of December 2008 Us shooters bought over 1.5 BILLION rounds! That is to feed the guns we bought. Over the last 3 months we have bought enough guns to equip the entire Chinese and Indian armies. Waaay To Go!

Take a look at how the TSA treated Breda. Then keep reading to see what they missed. What a bunch of well...moronic asshats.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie, Speeches and Mexican Food

We went to the movies and saw Star Trek. This was a great show! You don't have to be a Trekkie to get this movie. If you grew up watching ST on the television then you will understand the drift. Oh, and it has a great sound track. But, being a sci-fi movie they did violate on cardinal rule of science fiction. When a person from the current time meets their self from the future then all hell is supposed to occur along with the fracture of time and the end of the world. This did not happen. I said the theater would be empy, right? Out of 163 available seat there were eleven people watching the movie. 11. Eleven. Out of 163 seats.
After the movie we didn't go for ice cream...we went for Mexican! MMMMgooood! We have been going to a mex place called El Sombrero since we were dating and the food there is fantastic. Here is a review page of the place. One person gives it a bad review but after eating there for years I wonder if he was at the same place and one complains of the Blue Collar clientele. I took an insurance rep there for lunch one day and he is from Arizona. He told the operators of the joint that they had the best food he's had since he left AZ.

Alan Korwin made a great speech called "The American Way" at a Patriot Day rally. He is a regular contributor to . That 's Western Missouri Shooters Alliance.

Now we are off the swap meet to see if we can sell some stuff. Or buy some stuff, who knows?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Economical Guns #5 D/A revolvers

When you start looking for an economical double action revolver you need to really look. There are a couple of makes and models that fit the economical standard it just depends on what your idea of economical is. We will look at the D/A revolvers from the highest economical to the lowest.


Here is the most expensive of the economical revolvers. To get the best value for the money you will need to focus on guns found in the used market. Take a look at the Speed 6 with a used cost from $250 and the Service 6 from $235. Look here for several photos of the different Ruger D/A's. Both are quality, dependable guns that you cannot go wrong with.


Taurus had a reputation of cheap for many years and older ones can be found at quite a discount. The quality of Taurus is nothing to sneeze at any longer. Imported from Brazil and now distributed through Taurus USA these guns have a unique feature... a lifetime warranty. That is lifetime of the gun not the owner. The way Taurus keeps costs down is by making all their own parts on on a lot of equipment made by Taurus Forge. For a while Taurus and Smith and Wesson were owned by the same company. For the best value look at the model 85. It is a .38 special pistol and available in several barrel lengths and in different configurations. A new model 85 will set you back about $375 and a thorough search will turn up a used example as low as $185.

Charter Arms

Here is an American gun manufacturer that has been on a roller coaster ride. Founded in 1964, bankrupt by the 90's resurrected in 2000 and declaring bankruptcy again in 2005. An agreement with MKS supply kept the doors open with MKS handling marketing and distribution.Charter may not make the best finished revolvers but they have never been accused of being overly expensive either. Designed to use fewer internal parts and easier to make they have been able to keep the costs down. You can get a Charter .38 new for around $395 and used will be much less. What I personally like about Charter is the fact that they still make a small .44 special pistol. You can find a used .44 for around $250.

Quality and price leader

There are other economical D/A revolvers out there such those made by Rossi. But for a proven dependable and quality revolver you can search the used markets and find yourself a Smith and Wesson model 10. Made since 1899 and currently still in production they are not hard to find. They are found in a standard barrel and a heavy barrel. With a variety of barrel lengths and finishes you can find one that suits your liking. Smith and Wesson has been the leader in producing firearms with a quality fit and finish. No one can match the blue of an older Smith. The model 10 is a .38 Special gun and has been carried by police and military units over the world. Keep your eyes open and you can snag one of these gems on the used market for around $250.

Once again we have seen that, with a little patience, you CAN find an economical firearm to suit you budget.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

keepin' busy

I went to apply for the job this morning and when the employment agency looked at my qualifications and background they immediately said screw the job you came in for we will put you in touch with 2 private companies we represent that pay much more than the county job you came in for. Maybe.......
Then it was back to being the house keeper. Fetch a carpet machine and shampoo the carpet. Move the furniture around, blah, blah, blah.
We are actually going out for entertainment this evening! The new Star Trek is at one of the local casino theaters. That is the way to see a movie. The most modern of theaters with giant screens and a kick ass sound system and usually we are the only ones there. A crowded night might have 6-8 other couples. To top it off there is a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream joint right across the hall. We have a nice little ice cream joint here in town, the Dari-B, and they are celebrating their 55Th anniversary this year.

Now for the important stuff. That sleaze ball, that asshat Harry Reed has introduced S2099. This an amendment to the Tax code and will require a listing of and a tax on all handguns and components. Now, I received this bit of info from a friend and when I looked it up it was introduced in 2000. Has anyone heard of this before? I won't be bit surprised if they try to get this piece of crap rolling again. We have to keep a close eye on the tyrants in the House and Senate. If that is not an infringement I don't know what is.

The Congressional Budget Office says that unemployment will start to rise again in the second half of this year and continue through 2010 climbing to 10 percent. That is just what I want to hear. People, we need to get our personal houses in order and then our local, state and federal houses in order. I saw this coming a couple of years ago so my wife and I got on a pay off campaign. At this time, with her being the only true wage earner in the house we don't have any credit card bills, no vehicle payments, no store charge accounts, nothing except the primary mortgage. So, even on one paycheck we are not doing bad. I tried to explain to my family and friends this day was coming and no one wanted to listen or just didn't want to take action. Me and Cherry Pie have what counts...beans, bullets and band aids. Oh, and the will to keep on goin'.

When we the conservatives, brought up the fact that the media was not playing an impartial game during the election cycle, we were told boo hoo. Well, for the 17Th time an Obama has graced the cover of Time magazine. In this article they say the great great grand daughter of slaves now lives in a house built by slaves. What kind of f'ing game are the assholes playing now? I could chew nails!

Enjoy the Memorial day week end and please, remember what it is about.

Opportunity knocks!

I'm off to apply for a JOB this morning! Maybe this one will result in an actual interview.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Guarantee

Did you know we have a guarantee of government? Look at this.
Article IV section 4 says...
"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence."

See? It says Republican form of government. Not a democracy, not socialism, not Marxism. Republican. Read this for a comparison. As this document states (and it is a good read) in a republic your rights cannot be voted away. They are unalienable. In the democracy we are living under today we have our rights voted away all the time. The words republic and democracy are not interchangeable as many people think. In a democracy 51 people can tell 49 people that they just lost their rights. In a republic NO ONE can take a right from you. Do you think the Framers set it up this way for a reason? They just had a distant king and country telling them what to do even though the kings reasons were not the best for the new country. The settlers had basically no rights other than those granted them by that king. These intelligent men that gathered together to form a new Union, recognized that all men have rights and it is government that takes those rights away. So they set up our government to acknowledge our rights, not limit or regulate them. In a democracy your rights can/are/will be taken every time you blink.

Ron Paul has put forth a bill, HR 1207, that will require an audit of the Federal Reserve, which as we know is not federal at all. It is a private bank that illegally adjusts the interest rate and controls currency. There have been may representative sign on to this bill and a senator has started a complementary bill, S 604, in the Senate.

Dust off those compasses and brush up on your land navigation skills. the GPS satellite system will be out of commission by as early as 2010. Be sure to stock up on maps too. My goodness, what ever did we do do before GPS came around? That's right, we read a map and figured it out for ourselves.

For a change of pace, look at this X-File cutie.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HSU convicted! No fly no buy. MPG.

Democratic fund raiser convicted! Norman Hsu has been convicted of violating federal campaign laws. He has strong ties to Hillary Clinton and and a host of other Democratic politicians. Yehaaah! Another victory!

Are you considered a terrorist by attorney general Emanuel? If you are and get on the infamous no fly list, it is possible you will then be on the no buy list. Representative Carolyn McCarthy has introduced HR 2041 which if enacted will tie the no fly list to the NICS program run by the FBI. There are over a million people on the no fly list and the AG says all of them are terrorists. I guess that includes the politicians, babies and kids on that list. These asshats will do anything to keep guns out of the hands of US citizens. If the government for some reason puts you on that list then they will strip you of your Second Amendment rights. No trial, no court, no appeal.

Chairman Maobama has decide that we need to get more mileage from our cars and trucks. The struggling auto makers have had a bitch of a time meeting the last CAFE standards now the USG wants to raise the bar even higher. I believe we can get better mileage out of our vehicles. But to demand that a pickup get 34 mpg is horse hooey. We, at one time had, a beautiful 1979 Cadillac Eldorado. 425 motor, nearly 4 thousand pounds. With my lead foot on the accelerator we could get 19 mpg ,if my wife was at the wheel we could get 23 mpg. If she is piloting the 2002 Chevy truck it turns out 20-22 mpg with a 5.7 liter engine I, of course, get 15-16. She rides a 2004 Honda Rebel 250 with synthetic oil and good care she gets 98-101 mpg with this tiny bike. On the other hand I ride a 1995 Harley Heritage. Big ol' thing. With me and the bike we are pushing over 800lbs. I get up to 53 mpg. My brother in law had a late model Corvette with over 500 horsepower and it could get over 24 mpg. Now if the examples I have given can get that kind of mileage why are these new tiny econoboxes getting only 30-34 mpg?

Today I leave you with this quote.
"The Union is a Union of States founded upon Compact. How is it to be supposed that when different parties enter in to a compact for certain purposes either can disregard one provision of it and expect others to observe the rest?... A bargain broken on one side is broken on all sides"
(Daniel Webster, Capon Springs Speech 1851)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Squirrels, Ruger, Say It Ain't So

We have been busy haven't we? All us gun nuts doing what we do best, squirreling away all those guns. NICS records show that Americans, in the month of April purchased nearly 1.3 million firearms. That number of course, doesn't reflect the countless legal face to face individual transfers. And I can't seem to sell the two I want to move.

After promising to introduce a new platform Ruger has revealed....................Another AR! much like one you might part up in your work shop, they have all the latest aftermarket goodies as well as a gas piston upper like so many mfgs. are using now. So I ask ...where is the new platform? I don't have a problem with Ruger Firearms. I own a few and have owned several others. All great performers, all at a great price. But in this instance, where is the innovation? Oh, I forgot,they used up their innovation when they designed the LCP. Whoops, they just layed a Kel-Tec P-3AT on the copy machine for that one. Oh yeah, they might have emptied the innovation bucket with the LCR, their polymer framed revolver. How about the semi-auto .308 rifle called the X-GI they promised back in '84 or so and then dropped project. AR,AR,AR,AR, aaarrrgggghhhh.

Ol' VP Biden has made yet another slip of the tongue. This time it was the location of the sooper secrit VP bunker. While filling in for the absent Barry at the Gridiron Club Dinner, Say It Ain't So Joe told the world that this bunker is located deep under the VP residence. What a nut job! And this guy is second in line to hold the nuke keys! Sheesh! Maybe at another press dinner he can tell all about the location of other state secrets.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Right up front

In the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence we can find this statement.
" That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."
This phrase refers to the preceding statement concerning the life, liberty and happiness of the people and their equality. It also mentions "Securing Rights". Are our rights secure?

Freedom of speech...Protesters were arrested ahead of Obamas visit to Notre Dame (ostensibly for 'trespassing'). Remember the dispersal of the protesters at any of the presidential debates and caucuses?

The right to keep and bear arms...The gun control acts of 1934, 1968, the AWB of the Clinton years, a taxation with out representation on machine guns, suppressors, short barrel shotguns and rifles. The violent attacks on gunowners by the BATFE, the seizure of legally held firearms. Our Government is at this time, contemplating signing a world treaty that would usurp this right.

Article Three...No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house. We now have a 20,000 strong Federal army that is assigned to the continental Us to provide "police functions" and there have been reports of military personnel taking part in "safety checkpoints" in various states.

Article Four... nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation. How many pieces of real estate are condemned to make way for federal, state and city projects? The personal property of Citizens is regularly seized by police, BATFE, sheriffs, IRS, Customs etc.

Article Ten... The Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. How far has this gone? There are not enough pages to document the violations of this article.

Think about it.

There are several states reasserting their 10Th amendment rights. if you want to get some of this information into the hands of your lawmakers go here for information on the process.
We are in the middle of a balancing act and the table is tilting to a socialistic society and has been for awhile. We need to right the equilibrium by seizing the powers left to the States and limiting the Federal Government to the powers left it by the Constitution and restructuring the Government to conform to the Constitutional dictates. One vote, one bill, one tea party at a time. If your State will not get on board with this states rights process you have the option to vote with your feet.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I just got back from the Springfield gunshow. Can you say...BUST! I came back with every thing I took with absolutely no lookers. I found NO deals, bargains or gotta have items. There were a lot of spectators but no actual buyers. The only thing actually moving was gunpowder and primers. I saw one individual carry out over 12 pounds of powder and a couple cases of primers. There were several ammo dealers there, in contrast to the last Kansas City show. If you are into really old guns we did see not one but two .56 caliber Spencer carbines and one Spencer pump shotgun. And as usual more Winchester pump .22's than you can shake a stick at. And for some reason more than several Winchester model 88's in .308. I did spy a nice old Savage 99 in .250/3000 as well as one in .22 Hi Power. Black rifles abounded as did the latest in polymer framed pistols. While I did not achieve my goals, we did have a good time at... The Gunshow.

Next week I will be back to posting on economical firearms. The subject will be double action revolvers.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Liar, liar pants on fire

In September of 2002 the, uhem, Honorable Representative Nancy Pelosi was the highest ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. She now claims the CIA never told her that they were using waterboarding as a method of obtaining information from the delicate individuals captured and held at Guantanamo. The CIA says, come on down and we will show you the notes taken during that meeting and prove you were told of this activity. All Nancy has to say is liar, liar. If the CIA is lying about it, why are so many Democrats looking at Nancy with a jaundiced eye? Everyone else at the 9-2002 meeting says they were told of the enhanced interrogation. There is even talk of punishing Nancy for her misrepresentation of the facts. This is what we need, a little bit at a time just like eating an elephant. Whittle away at the lying, cheating, pomposity of the Dems until the word Democratic causes a little vomit in every ones mouth. Like it has in mine for ever. Excuse me I need to rinse my mouth out. Thank goodness for sweet tea.

The Made in "fill in the blank" gun resolution sensation is slowly making its rounds through the states. Of course Montana is leading the cast with Texas playing a leading support role. The rest of the cast includes Tennessee, who is quickly getting their ball rolling while Utah is getting theirs in front of the legislature possibly next month. South Carolina and Alaska are waiting in the wings.
When oh when will Missouri get the wake up call?

I will be traveling to the gunshow in Springfield, MO. this weekend. I am picking up my gunshow buddy/stepfather at 0'dark thirty for the 3-4 hour trip. I am hoping to turn a Universal 30 carbine into a GI 30 carbine as well as sell my Tec 9 and convert that to a Springfield Armory XD45 with the 5 inch barrel. There's nothing like a few thousand people celebrating the Second Amendment at the same time. As in Shall not be infringed. A thousand tables of guns, gun stuff and gun people! Oh, for a kings ransom!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Internet Service etc.

Well, now I went a whole day without Internet service and home phone service. As I said before, POS cable company. I think I will deduct a day and a half of pay off my next bill payment. I went to this cable service because we needed to trim some off our expenditures. By dropping Dish Network and going with the cable package we saved 60 bucks a month. Same package as the dish, TV, phone, Internet but fewer channels.

As we all know the car makers have accepted a bajillion dollars of our money in an effort to keep afloat. Now GM, who has taken the lions share of those dollars, has quietly announced they will start importing cars from China. The Aveo comes from Korea and the much touted Camaro is coming from Canada now we will have the luxury of seeing cars imported from Red China. Yahoo! More American jobs lost! More American productivity lost. Yahoo!
I feel a quote is called for at this time.

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats" H.L. Mencken.

Think of it, our hard earned dollars going yet again to support the military industrial complex of communist China. GM must have been studying the Wal Mart model. Profit above all!

Going to the Gunshow, going to the Gunshow! Springfield Missouri May 15 and 16. 1000 tables of gunny goodness.
Time to delve into the safes and see what I have for tradin' stock. In addition to trading/selling stock I will be taking a few other things.
To start with alice pack with 3 days of supplies, an extra 3 gallons of water, FRS radios and charger, tools for the car, and my everyday stuff...cell phone, Gerber Folding Fairbairn-Applegate knife, Gerber Shortcut, RIA officers model .45 with 2 mags loaded with 230 grain Speer Golddot hollowpoints. Gun and mags are carried in a Wild Bills Classic Speed Scabbard on a Wild Bills triple layer belt. The triple layer belt is the double layer with a polymer layer in the middle. By the way if your are in the need of a concealed carry rig and can't afford the prices of the big name guys check out Wild Bills. When I got my package of holster, belt, and mag carrier it was $165 with a little extra for the polymer and my size.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

late, gun bills and rumors

I got this started late due to the POS service we get from the cable/phone/Internet provider we have. "We are currently experiencing an outage in your area. Our technicians are aware of the problem and are working on it". They say their Internet is 6 times faster too. Faster than what? Molasses? Oil? Dead men walking?

Missouri has a bill that will tell the municipalities that they cannot have a gun law contrary to the state law. It is not currently on the calendar though. If you are in Missouri contact your congress critter and ask them to bring this bill up for vote in the next session. HB 875
My son lives in Virginia Beach and after the Governor and Attorney General slapped the local PD for violating the rights of a legal open carrying individual. Now, they have open carry in VB. Missouri needs to get the towns and cities in line with state law instead of having a mishmash of local ordinances.

Montana's Made in Montana gun bill has been signed into law. They are expecting the BATFE to intervene and the State plans on arresting any federal agents that try to enforce federal gun law in Montana. They are also looking for a pristine candidate to be the first to use the new law as the state and others plan on defending them in court as far as the feds want to take it. Texas and Utah have similar gun bills up for debate. If any one hears of other states doing this and have proof please send me the link via the comment section.

Monday, May 11, 2009

In case you were thinking something changed, well I did make a few revisions in the earlier post. What can I say? I goofed. That is all. g'nite

Lotta stuff

Does HR 2159 deny your right to buy, own or possess a firearm? If any of those government printed extremist reports and dictionaries ever take hold then you might. This bill gives the Attorney General the power to deny your second amendment rights without any chance of legal challenge. So if you support the second amendment, quote the constitution, join a constitutional militia, are a veteran or talk about the UN and CFR you might fall under this bill.

60 million armed Patriots? Now if only they were all "well regulated" i.e. trained, that would be something. Every freeman from the age of 15 to 50 is part of the militia ( I found that in this thing called the Constitution). Most state constitutions have a section describing and requiring a state militia yet they are not assembled, funded or encouraged. A state militia is NOT the National Guard. A militia cannot be federalized as the NG can.

Who would think of a ban on pocket knives? Well schools for one, airlines for another and federal offices for yet another(try going to a social security office with one in your pocket). Now that Japanese island called Hawaii has called for a ban on pocketknives. See item 2 in that link.

It has been reported that a certain grandmother is going on hajj or a holy trip to Mecca(see item 4 in that link). This particular granny claims she witnessed President? Obamas birth in Mombasa Kenya as she is his grandmother! Let's see...a witness to a birth in a foreign land, a foreign father and refusal to produce his birth certificate seems like it equals ........not qualified to be President. It's no wonder the Chosen One has spent something like $800,000 fighting lawsuits that would compel him to produce his birth certificate not a duped copy of his sister. Imagine this , every thing he has done , undone. Everyone he has appointed , un-appointed. The down side is that would make the evil bitch from California the, choke gag, president. While we are on this topic, most of Europe and African consider Obama to be Muslim. He has so far failed to attend a church since becoming President?. Is this a hint? After all according to the Koran, once a Muslim always a Muslim and denouncing your faith is punishable by death. Is that why there is a failure to attend church. Barry's handlers say he has never been a Muslim but then, they also say he was born in Hawaii.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Moms day for all those mothers out there.

She's the one that brought you into this world and at some time in your life informed you she could also take you out of it. She wiped your dirty butt and washed out your dirty mouth. She gave you free time and then sat you in the corner. She loved you dearly and paddled you little hiney. She fed you and clothed you, loved you and protected you, worried and waited, took pride in you and suffered embarrassment because of you because ...she's your mom. Happy Mothers day to all you Mothers out there!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gather up The Posse!

Here is another item regarding Posse Comitatis. This time it is a disturbing Federal document that outlines the integration of the US military in to the police departents. This is another assault on the Constitution and our Liberties. Call, email or write your congress critters and Senators! I must repeat, this is a Direct assault on the Constitution. This is specifically mentioned in that document. Take a stand on this or get you ass out of this country.

I do 99 pecent of the cooking in our house and I must say it is some damn fine cookin'. This morning we are going to that tasty place called the farmers market. This one is near a place called Planters Seed. Not only do they have seed, they have Spices! Guess where I'll be. See ya!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Economical Firearms #4

Today we will look at a couple of handguns at opposite ends of the economical group. These are both full size, major caliber firearms.

If you think that a 1911 style handgun cannot be on this list, well you would be mistaken. When compared to all other manufacturers of 1911 platforms you will find those made by Rock Island Armory to be quite reasonable indeed. Some models come with a lowered and flared ejection port, commander style hammer and a Novak magazine. The finish is a parkerization type in a green color. The Officers size has a bushingless flared bull barrel. The GI size has the traditional bushing barrel setup. This line of guns is made in the Phillipines by the fine Armscor group. While these guns are on the upper end of economical they can be found in gunshops in the Midwest for around $375.00. I can say from personal experience that these are great shooters. I found the only drawback (if you want to call it that) is the GI style sights. I opted to have them replaced with Ashley Outdoors Tritium Express Big Dot sights. Here's a look at a tactical model, a GI model. and an Officers model.

Now we go to the opposite end of the line. Here's were we get to the rock bottom of economical.
Hi Point Firearms C-9 in 9mm, 40SW-B in .40, and the 45ACP of course in .45.
These pistols are polymer framed with steel barrels and components. Utilizing these materials and a blowback action Hi Point has been able to keep the costs waaaaay down. Reports of these have been to the positive. Reasonable accuracy with excellent dependability, they are just the ticket for those on a tight budget or just looking for an inexpensive deal. I recently attended a gun show and saw a banner proclaiming 99 dollar pistols. Lo and behold they were selling the Hi Point 9mm at that price. Here's what Shooting Times has to say about them. Going to a gun shop will net you a Hi Point pistol in the 150 dollar range.

While I have just discussed 2, there are many choices for an economical full size handgun.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Snowball Effect, Confiscation, Obamessiah

Tennessee has joined that special club of states that are making a specific stand against a government stepping out of bounds. Their House has passed a resolution declaring....guns made, sold or owned within the boundaries of the State are the responsibility of the State not the Union. It now goes to the Senate for approval.
Oklahoma tried to get a sovereignty resolution passed but their Governor exercised his veto power. Now the House has issued House Concurrent Resolution 1028 that does not require the Governors signature. This is another resolution claiming states rights under the 10th amendment. The people of Oklahoma need to remember their Governor vetoed the first go around.

I got this piece from Alpheca. Tenaha, Texas police are stopping travelers through their town and confiscating cash and jewelry under threat of prosecution for money laundering or drug running. If the folks are parents the police hold the threat of Child Protective Services over their heads to "encourage" a donation. Get hold of anyone you can in the government of Texas and demand an end to this road piracy.

Get your Obamaessiah shirts now! Get 'em here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What is Freedom? It means many things to everyone. For me it means living an American life according to the laws and acknowledgments of the Constitution. It means making decisions that are right for me and my family without causing harm to my neighbors or others with out an unconstitutional regulation standing in my way. If most people would think like this we wouldn't need the EPA, OSHA, SEC, BATFE, DHHS, or any other alphabet soup federal agency. Don't get me wrong, some of these agencies do a lot of good but they are not constitutional. They would be if the states wanted to create such agencies as long as they were not contrary to the Bill of Rights. If a state were to enact to many onerous laws a person could move to a less restrictive state. In other words, give me a modern society with pre-1939 laws. Think about it...what does Freedom mean to you? What would you do to achieve that kind of freedom?

I got this from Rawles' survival blog. It aims to repair a lot of the BATFE problems but there is not one word about punishing any BATFE agent that actively works to violate the second amendment rights of any citizen. As the JPFO says, they are a bunch of jackbooted thugs.
Based on their lies and ever changing interpretations of the laws I decide not to get my dealers license again.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We need a gun ban? Yehaa its a Posse Comitatus!

This guy makes a point that maybe there is a gun ban we need. It's a little bit of a stretch to make the constitutional point but, his discussion does have some merit. I do agree with the view that the Militia is every freeman from 15 to 50 and should be armed with weapons currently in use. After all the Militia is meant to be a deterrent to an overly strong central government and it's hard to do that with the armaments that the unconstitutional standing army has in their inventory.

Don't we still have a Posse Comitatis act in the Constitution? It seems like the government is taking big bites out of that. Here is a picture of Military Policemen on duty at............................................................................................................... the Kentucky Derby. There are more and more reports of MP's and infantry being used for crowd control, accident investigations and traffic control as well as assisting local cops with crime situations. I got a lot of this from as the google search I did returned very little information and Infowars is petty much the only place that regularly reports on these violations.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I have seen Selma Blair in a couple of movies lately and a few others in the past. Now there ain't no hiding the fact that she is skinny. As in no tits skinny. But can anyone tell me this ain't sexy?

Chrysler Union Auto's

Well the Chrysler bankruptcy hearings have started and so far the Unions have received 55 percent of the company. 55 percent! That means the plant managers will be hamstrung until the Unions give their approval for anything. What the fuck have the unions done to deserve ANY share of a once privately held company? On the other hand the Government has received an 8 percent share of Chrysler. In this instance all I want to know is, when will my stock certificate be delivered. I mean, the 8 percent was bought with taxpayer dollars right? When it comes to GM though, the person sitting in the presidents chair said he wouldn't mind seeing them fail. Here's a novel idea. Stop trying to develope fantasy markets and tell China, Venezuela and the other countries if they want to continue to sell billions of dollars in furniture, trinkets, clothes and gasoline in this country they will HAVE to allow US vehicles to be imported into their countries. If the Big 3 have lots full of unsold cars it sounds like they need some new markets. Sing along with me....We're on the long march to Socialism, We're on that long road. We're on that march to governmental ownership and we can kiss our freedoms goodbye and this should bring a tear to your eye. Load your guns now Charlie, load your guns now Sam. We have to pay attention to what's goin' on in our land.
Pardon me while I go have a drink or 4.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Campus carry, bike stuff, I gotta have it

Missouri is debating whether to allow concealed carry on college campuses. What they are realy debating is whether to continue to deny the right to self protection to hundreds of thousands of students, staff and faculty members and this kind soul thinks that is OK since she carries off campus. She thinks that students who receive the same training as she, will not be able to defend themselves and others without breaking down into an out of control lump of flesh and cause additional KIA if that student decides to pull their gun in a defensive manner. Talk about bullshit. Yes, there is a condition where you lose fine motor skills and develop tunnel vision in a high stress situation but it is possible to train for those situations. Did this editor receive such training or is she a quivering lump of flesh ready to break down when she encounters a high stress situation. Maybe she just wants to let the police handle the after action cleanup as they have no duty to protect.

I've got to work on the wife's '04 Honda Rebel this morning. Last year we put rear LED signals on it and they worked fine. I made a mount for the front signals and did the install now none of them work. I have put in a load equalized and an LED flasher. Now I'm going to put in a couple of resistors as well. We did get a new set of LED's for the rear that are identical to the fronts so maybe that will help. POS Honda. I put auxiliary LED's as well as front LED signals on my '95 Harley and had NO problems. ARRRGHHHH!

Man I gotta have one of these. What for I don't know but I gotta have one.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guns, Bills and bikestuff

Got up early, made breakfast and went to storage 8 miles away, loaded up a couple of tables and boxes of motorcycle goodies and went to the swap meet that my cousin and I have started. Low and behold, after passing out a couple hundred flyers last fall and this spring, we were the only vendors and to make things better we were pretty much the only buyers. Hopefully the everchanging weather and undependable forecasts played the part of the culprit.

One of my neighbors has a Taurus Judge he wants to sell. This one has the cylinder for the 2.5 inch .410 shells.The gun, two partial boxes of .410 and a partial box of 45 Long Colt and a Blackhawk carbon fiber holster for around $525. Not a bad deal.

Well, Missouri does have the bullshit helmet bill on the Govnah's desk to be signed into LAW. I can't believe the crap that comes out of this state government. You will be able to ride in the most hazardous areas without a helmet but you MUST wear one in the least hazardous areas. How about the right to fully decide for ourselves? As another example of the Missouri governmental ineptitude, when we finally got concealed carry passed, the morons stipulated that you had to be 23 to carry. Let's see, vote at 18, enlist in the military at 18, buy alchohol at 21, carry a gun at 23. Well if no bs shenanigans happen in those august halls, we will see the carry age finally lowered to 21.

Friday, May 1, 2009

And speaking of Fox news...I forgot this one and this one. Heheheheheh. Yea, I know.

Random stuff

CRAP! Yesterday was not Friday! I usually post the economical gun dealy on Friday and I screwed up and did it in Thursday.

Missouri is one signature away from having semi-lid free helmet law. If you are 21 you will be able to ride a cycle without a helmet on state and county highways and city streets but not on the Interstate highways. Watch the news... where do the majority of the motorcycle accidents happen? On state and county highways and city streets. Why is this state so f'd up! Dammit! If it's going to be riders choice give them the right to FULL choice. I for one, would rather ride lid free on the Interstate than in a city full of texting, cell phone talking, book reading, makeup applying, kid smacking, dazed and confused motorists.

Do any of you watch RedEye on the Fox channel? Wow, they call it the Fox channel for a reason. Last night Greg Gutfield had on his panel S. E. Cupp and Anna Gilligan. Dayyumm! Patty Ann Brown is frequently a guest. She is also known as The Notorious PAB.

I want to get out the AR more often but with the ammo situation the way it is I don't. I really want/neeeed a .22 long rifle conversion. I have seen the bolt/carrier replacements for as low as 139 and cmmg has one with a Black Dog magazine for around 200 and Bushmaster had a complete upper for a little over 450 but I don't see it on their site any more.

I was talking to a young man the other day and he wanted to know how I stocked up 3K 22 rounds. Easy, every time I go to a gun shop or Wally World I buy a box of 50 or 100 or 525 and the next thing you know there's 3 thousand or more in your 22 box.