Saturday, May 16, 2009


I just got back from the Springfield gunshow. Can you say...BUST! I came back with every thing I took with absolutely no lookers. I found NO deals, bargains or gotta have items. There were a lot of spectators but no actual buyers. The only thing actually moving was gunpowder and primers. I saw one individual carry out over 12 pounds of powder and a couple cases of primers. There were several ammo dealers there, in contrast to the last Kansas City show. If you are into really old guns we did see not one but two .56 caliber Spencer carbines and one Spencer pump shotgun. And as usual more Winchester pump .22's than you can shake a stick at. And for some reason more than several Winchester model 88's in .308. I did spy a nice old Savage 99 in .250/3000 as well as one in .22 Hi Power. Black rifles abounded as did the latest in polymer framed pistols. While I did not achieve my goals, we did have a good time at... The Gunshow.

Next week I will be back to posting on economical firearms. The subject will be double action revolvers.

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