Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What is Freedom? It means many things to everyone. For me it means living an American life according to the laws and acknowledgments of the Constitution. It means making decisions that are right for me and my family without causing harm to my neighbors or others with out an unconstitutional regulation standing in my way. If most people would think like this we wouldn't need the EPA, OSHA, SEC, BATFE, DHHS, or any other alphabet soup federal agency. Don't get me wrong, some of these agencies do a lot of good but they are not constitutional. They would be if the states wanted to create such agencies as long as they were not contrary to the Bill of Rights. If a state were to enact to many onerous laws a person could move to a less restrictive state. In other words, give me a modern society with pre-1939 laws. Think about it...what does Freedom mean to you? What would you do to achieve that kind of freedom?

I got this from Rawles' survival blog. It aims to repair a lot of the BATFE problems but there is not one word about punishing any BATFE agent that actively works to violate the second amendment rights of any citizen. As the JPFO says, they are a bunch of jackbooted thugs.
Based on their lies and ever changing interpretations of the laws I decide not to get my dealers license again.

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