Friday, May 15, 2009

Liar, liar pants on fire

In September of 2002 the, uhem, Honorable Representative Nancy Pelosi was the highest ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. She now claims the CIA never told her that they were using waterboarding as a method of obtaining information from the delicate individuals captured and held at Guantanamo. The CIA says, come on down and we will show you the notes taken during that meeting and prove you were told of this activity. All Nancy has to say is liar, liar. If the CIA is lying about it, why are so many Democrats looking at Nancy with a jaundiced eye? Everyone else at the 9-2002 meeting says they were told of the enhanced interrogation. There is even talk of punishing Nancy for her misrepresentation of the facts. This is what we need, a little bit at a time just like eating an elephant. Whittle away at the lying, cheating, pomposity of the Dems until the word Democratic causes a little vomit in every ones mouth. Like it has in mine for ever. Excuse me I need to rinse my mouth out. Thank goodness for sweet tea.

The Made in "fill in the blank" gun resolution sensation is slowly making its rounds through the states. Of course Montana is leading the cast with Texas playing a leading support role. The rest of the cast includes Tennessee, who is quickly getting their ball rolling while Utah is getting theirs in front of the legislature possibly next month. South Carolina and Alaska are waiting in the wings.
When oh when will Missouri get the wake up call?

I will be traveling to the gunshow in Springfield, MO. this weekend. I am picking up my gunshow buddy/stepfather at 0'dark thirty for the 3-4 hour trip. I am hoping to turn a Universal 30 carbine into a GI 30 carbine as well as sell my Tec 9 and convert that to a Springfield Armory XD45 with the 5 inch barrel. There's nothing like a few thousand people celebrating the Second Amendment at the same time. As in Shall not be infringed. A thousand tables of guns, gun stuff and gun people! Oh, for a kings ransom!

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