Friday, May 8, 2009

Economical Firearms #4

Today we will look at a couple of handguns at opposite ends of the economical group. These are both full size, major caliber firearms.

If you think that a 1911 style handgun cannot be on this list, well you would be mistaken. When compared to all other manufacturers of 1911 platforms you will find those made by Rock Island Armory to be quite reasonable indeed. Some models come with a lowered and flared ejection port, commander style hammer and a Novak magazine. The finish is a parkerization type in a green color. The Officers size has a bushingless flared bull barrel. The GI size has the traditional bushing barrel setup. This line of guns is made in the Phillipines by the fine Armscor group. While these guns are on the upper end of economical they can be found in gunshops in the Midwest for around $375.00. I can say from personal experience that these are great shooters. I found the only drawback (if you want to call it that) is the GI style sights. I opted to have them replaced with Ashley Outdoors Tritium Express Big Dot sights. Here's a look at a tactical model, a GI model. and an Officers model.

Now we go to the opposite end of the line. Here's were we get to the rock bottom of economical.
Hi Point Firearms C-9 in 9mm, 40SW-B in .40, and the 45ACP of course in .45.
These pistols are polymer framed with steel barrels and components. Utilizing these materials and a blowback action Hi Point has been able to keep the costs waaaaay down. Reports of these have been to the positive. Reasonable accuracy with excellent dependability, they are just the ticket for those on a tight budget or just looking for an inexpensive deal. I recently attended a gun show and saw a banner proclaiming 99 dollar pistols. Lo and behold they were selling the Hi Point 9mm at that price. Here's what Shooting Times has to say about them. Going to a gun shop will net you a Hi Point pistol in the 150 dollar range.

While I have just discussed 2, there are many choices for an economical full size handgun.

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