Monday, May 4, 2009

Chrysler Union Auto's

Well the Chrysler bankruptcy hearings have started and so far the Unions have received 55 percent of the company. 55 percent! That means the plant managers will be hamstrung until the Unions give their approval for anything. What the fuck have the unions done to deserve ANY share of a once privately held company? On the other hand the Government has received an 8 percent share of Chrysler. In this instance all I want to know is, when will my stock certificate be delivered. I mean, the 8 percent was bought with taxpayer dollars right? When it comes to GM though, the person sitting in the presidents chair said he wouldn't mind seeing them fail. Here's a novel idea. Stop trying to develope fantasy markets and tell China, Venezuela and the other countries if they want to continue to sell billions of dollars in furniture, trinkets, clothes and gasoline in this country they will HAVE to allow US vehicles to be imported into their countries. If the Big 3 have lots full of unsold cars it sounds like they need some new markets. Sing along with me....We're on the long march to Socialism, We're on that long road. We're on that march to governmental ownership and we can kiss our freedoms goodbye and this should bring a tear to your eye. Load your guns now Charlie, load your guns now Sam. We have to pay attention to what's goin' on in our land.
Pardon me while I go have a drink or 4.

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