Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HSU convicted! No fly no buy. MPG.

Democratic fund raiser convicted! Norman Hsu has been convicted of violating federal campaign laws. He has strong ties to Hillary Clinton and and a host of other Democratic politicians. Yehaaah! Another victory!

Are you considered a terrorist by attorney general Emanuel? If you are and get on the infamous no fly list, it is possible you will then be on the no buy list. Representative Carolyn McCarthy has introduced HR 2041 which if enacted will tie the no fly list to the NICS program run by the FBI. There are over a million people on the no fly list and the AG says all of them are terrorists. I guess that includes the politicians, babies and kids on that list. These asshats will do anything to keep guns out of the hands of US citizens. If the government for some reason puts you on that list then they will strip you of your Second Amendment rights. No trial, no court, no appeal.

Chairman Maobama has decide that we need to get more mileage from our cars and trucks. The struggling auto makers have had a bitch of a time meeting the last CAFE standards now the USG wants to raise the bar even higher. I believe we can get better mileage out of our vehicles. But to demand that a pickup get 34 mpg is horse hooey. We, at one time had, a beautiful 1979 Cadillac Eldorado. 425 motor, nearly 4 thousand pounds. With my lead foot on the accelerator we could get 19 mpg ,if my wife was at the wheel we could get 23 mpg. If she is piloting the 2002 Chevy truck it turns out 20-22 mpg with a 5.7 liter engine I, of course, get 15-16. She rides a 2004 Honda Rebel 250 with synthetic oil and good care she gets 98-101 mpg with this tiny bike. On the other hand I ride a 1995 Harley Heritage. Big ol' thing. With me and the bike we are pushing over 800lbs. I get up to 53 mpg. My brother in law had a late model Corvette with over 500 horsepower and it could get over 24 mpg. Now if the examples I have given can get that kind of mileage why are these new tiny econoboxes getting only 30-34 mpg?

Today I leave you with this quote.
"The Union is a Union of States founded upon Compact. How is it to be supposed that when different parties enter in to a compact for certain purposes either can disregard one provision of it and expect others to observe the rest?... A bargain broken on one side is broken on all sides"
(Daniel Webster, Capon Springs Speech 1851)

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