Tuesday, May 12, 2009

late, gun bills and rumors

I got this started late due to the POS service we get from the cable/phone/Internet provider we have. "We are currently experiencing an outage in your area. Our technicians are aware of the problem and are working on it". They say their Internet is 6 times faster too. Faster than what? Molasses? Oil? Dead men walking?

Missouri has a bill that will tell the municipalities that they cannot have a gun law contrary to the state law. It is not currently on the calendar though. If you are in Missouri contact your congress critter and ask them to bring this bill up for vote in the next session. HB 875
My son lives in Virginia Beach and after the Governor and Attorney General slapped the local PD for violating the rights of a legal open carrying individual. Now, they have open carry in VB. Missouri needs to get the towns and cities in line with state law instead of having a mishmash of local ordinances.

Montana's Made in Montana gun bill has been signed into law. They are expecting the BATFE to intervene and the State plans on arresting any federal agents that try to enforce federal gun law in Montana. They are also looking for a pristine candidate to be the first to use the new law as the state and others plan on defending them in court as far as the feds want to take it. Texas and Utah have similar gun bills up for debate. If any one hears of other states doing this and have proof please send me the link via the comment section.

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