Thursday, May 21, 2009

keepin' busy

I went to apply for the job this morning and when the employment agency looked at my qualifications and background they immediately said screw the job you came in for we will put you in touch with 2 private companies we represent that pay much more than the county job you came in for. Maybe.......
Then it was back to being the house keeper. Fetch a carpet machine and shampoo the carpet. Move the furniture around, blah, blah, blah.
We are actually going out for entertainment this evening! The new Star Trek is at one of the local casino theaters. That is the way to see a movie. The most modern of theaters with giant screens and a kick ass sound system and usually we are the only ones there. A crowded night might have 6-8 other couples. To top it off there is a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream joint right across the hall. We have a nice little ice cream joint here in town, the Dari-B, and they are celebrating their 55Th anniversary this year.

Now for the important stuff. That sleaze ball, that asshat Harry Reed has introduced S2099. This an amendment to the Tax code and will require a listing of and a tax on all handguns and components. Now, I received this bit of info from a friend and when I looked it up it was introduced in 2000. Has anyone heard of this before? I won't be bit surprised if they try to get this piece of crap rolling again. We have to keep a close eye on the tyrants in the House and Senate. If that is not an infringement I don't know what is.

The Congressional Budget Office says that unemployment will start to rise again in the second half of this year and continue through 2010 climbing to 10 percent. That is just what I want to hear. People, we need to get our personal houses in order and then our local, state and federal houses in order. I saw this coming a couple of years ago so my wife and I got on a pay off campaign. At this time, with her being the only true wage earner in the house we don't have any credit card bills, no vehicle payments, no store charge accounts, nothing except the primary mortgage. So, even on one paycheck we are not doing bad. I tried to explain to my family and friends this day was coming and no one wanted to listen or just didn't want to take action. Me and Cherry Pie have what counts...beans, bullets and band aids. Oh, and the will to keep on goin'.

When we the conservatives, brought up the fact that the media was not playing an impartial game during the election cycle, we were told boo hoo. Well, for the 17Th time an Obama has graced the cover of Time magazine. In this article they say the great great grand daughter of slaves now lives in a house built by slaves. What kind of f'ing game are the assholes playing now? I could chew nails!

Enjoy the Memorial day week end and please, remember what it is about.

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