Monday, May 11, 2009

Lotta stuff

Does HR 2159 deny your right to buy, own or possess a firearm? If any of those government printed extremist reports and dictionaries ever take hold then you might. This bill gives the Attorney General the power to deny your second amendment rights without any chance of legal challenge. So if you support the second amendment, quote the constitution, join a constitutional militia, are a veteran or talk about the UN and CFR you might fall under this bill.

60 million armed Patriots? Now if only they were all "well regulated" i.e. trained, that would be something. Every freeman from the age of 15 to 50 is part of the militia ( I found that in this thing called the Constitution). Most state constitutions have a section describing and requiring a state militia yet they are not assembled, funded or encouraged. A state militia is NOT the National Guard. A militia cannot be federalized as the NG can.

Who would think of a ban on pocket knives? Well schools for one, airlines for another and federal offices for yet another(try going to a social security office with one in your pocket). Now that Japanese island called Hawaii has called for a ban on pocketknives. See item 2 in that link.

It has been reported that a certain grandmother is going on hajj or a holy trip to Mecca(see item 4 in that link). This particular granny claims she witnessed President? Obamas birth in Mombasa Kenya as she is his grandmother! Let's see...a witness to a birth in a foreign land, a foreign father and refusal to produce his birth certificate seems like it equals ........not qualified to be President. It's no wonder the Chosen One has spent something like $800,000 fighting lawsuits that would compel him to produce his birth certificate not a duped copy of his sister. Imagine this , every thing he has done , undone. Everyone he has appointed , un-appointed. The down side is that would make the evil bitch from California the, choke gag, president. While we are on this topic, most of Europe and African consider Obama to be Muslim. He has so far failed to attend a church since becoming President?. Is this a hint? After all according to the Koran, once a Muslim always a Muslim and denouncing your faith is punishable by death. Is that why there is a failure to attend church. Barry's handlers say he has never been a Muslim but then, they also say he was born in Hawaii.

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