Thursday, May 7, 2009

Snowball Effect, Confiscation, Obamessiah

Tennessee has joined that special club of states that are making a specific stand against a government stepping out of bounds. Their House has passed a resolution declaring....guns made, sold or owned within the boundaries of the State are the responsibility of the State not the Union. It now goes to the Senate for approval.
Oklahoma tried to get a sovereignty resolution passed but their Governor exercised his veto power. Now the House has issued House Concurrent Resolution 1028 that does not require the Governors signature. This is another resolution claiming states rights under the 10th amendment. The people of Oklahoma need to remember their Governor vetoed the first go around.

I got this piece from Alpheca. Tenaha, Texas police are stopping travelers through their town and confiscating cash and jewelry under threat of prosecution for money laundering or drug running. If the folks are parents the police hold the threat of Child Protective Services over their heads to "encourage" a donation. Get hold of anyone you can in the government of Texas and demand an end to this road piracy.

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