Sunday, May 3, 2009

Campus carry, bike stuff, I gotta have it

Missouri is debating whether to allow concealed carry on college campuses. What they are realy debating is whether to continue to deny the right to self protection to hundreds of thousands of students, staff and faculty members and this kind soul thinks that is OK since she carries off campus. She thinks that students who receive the same training as she, will not be able to defend themselves and others without breaking down into an out of control lump of flesh and cause additional KIA if that student decides to pull their gun in a defensive manner. Talk about bullshit. Yes, there is a condition where you lose fine motor skills and develop tunnel vision in a high stress situation but it is possible to train for those situations. Did this editor receive such training or is she a quivering lump of flesh ready to break down when she encounters a high stress situation. Maybe she just wants to let the police handle the after action cleanup as they have no duty to protect.

I've got to work on the wife's '04 Honda Rebel this morning. Last year we put rear LED signals on it and they worked fine. I made a mount for the front signals and did the install now none of them work. I have put in a load equalized and an LED flasher. Now I'm going to put in a couple of resistors as well. We did get a new set of LED's for the rear that are identical to the fronts so maybe that will help. POS Honda. I put auxiliary LED's as well as front LED signals on my '95 Harley and had NO problems. ARRRGHHHH!

Man I gotta have one of these. What for I don't know but I gotta have one.

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