Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie, Speeches and Mexican Food

We went to the movies and saw Star Trek. This was a great show! You don't have to be a Trekkie to get this movie. If you grew up watching ST on the television then you will understand the drift. Oh, and it has a great sound track. But, being a sci-fi movie they did violate on cardinal rule of science fiction. When a person from the current time meets their self from the future then all hell is supposed to occur along with the fracture of time and the end of the world. This did not happen. I said the theater would be empy, right? Out of 163 available seat there were eleven people watching the movie. 11. Eleven. Out of 163 seats.
After the movie we didn't go for ice cream...we went for Mexican! MMMMgooood! We have been going to a mex place called El Sombrero since we were dating and the food there is fantastic. Here is a review page of the place. One person gives it a bad review but after eating there for years I wonder if he was at the same place and one complains of the Blue Collar clientele. I took an insurance rep there for lunch one day and he is from Arizona. He told the operators of the joint that they had the best food he's had since he left AZ.

Alan Korwin made a great speech called "The American Way" at a Patriot Day rally. He is a regular contributor to . That 's Western Missouri Shooters Alliance.

Now we are off the swap meet to see if we can sell some stuff. Or buy some stuff, who knows?

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