Thursday, May 14, 2009

Internet Service etc.

Well, now I went a whole day without Internet service and home phone service. As I said before, POS cable company. I think I will deduct a day and a half of pay off my next bill payment. I went to this cable service because we needed to trim some off our expenditures. By dropping Dish Network and going with the cable package we saved 60 bucks a month. Same package as the dish, TV, phone, Internet but fewer channels.

As we all know the car makers have accepted a bajillion dollars of our money in an effort to keep afloat. Now GM, who has taken the lions share of those dollars, has quietly announced they will start importing cars from China. The Aveo comes from Korea and the much touted Camaro is coming from Canada now we will have the luxury of seeing cars imported from Red China. Yahoo! More American jobs lost! More American productivity lost. Yahoo!
I feel a quote is called for at this time.

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats" H.L. Mencken.

Think of it, our hard earned dollars going yet again to support the military industrial complex of communist China. GM must have been studying the Wal Mart model. Profit above all!

Going to the Gunshow, going to the Gunshow! Springfield Missouri May 15 and 16. 1000 tables of gunny goodness.
Time to delve into the safes and see what I have for tradin' stock. In addition to trading/selling stock I will be taking a few other things.
To start with alice pack with 3 days of supplies, an extra 3 gallons of water, FRS radios and charger, tools for the car, and my everyday stuff...cell phone, Gerber Folding Fairbairn-Applegate knife, Gerber Shortcut, RIA officers model .45 with 2 mags loaded with 230 grain Speer Golddot hollowpoints. Gun and mags are carried in a Wild Bills Classic Speed Scabbard on a Wild Bills triple layer belt. The triple layer belt is the double layer with a polymer layer in the middle. By the way if your are in the need of a concealed carry rig and can't afford the prices of the big name guys check out Wild Bills. When I got my package of holster, belt, and mag carrier it was $165 with a little extra for the polymer and my size.

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