Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's The Little Things

Of all the wondrous things in life to behold I find short women very attractive and alluring and one other short thing really captures my attention. Yeah you guessed it...sawed off shotguns. The look cool, they look bad, the get everyone's attention. and due to unreasonable laws they are, for the most part, illegal. Yes, you can pay for a stamp then pay an outrageous fee to someone  for a gun they have modified. Or, you can pay a higher fee to the USG and make your own. Taxes, fees, records, investigations all because of an arbitrary length. This long is ok, one fraction of an inch shorter and it's illegal. Yes this is one of my usual rants in the vein. Here are some things I find very cool....



Yep, ya gotta love 'em!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A New Project

Many years ago I bought a gunstock at a gun show. I initially thought it was an M14 E2 stock but now that I'm working on it I realized that it is different form an E2 stock. It IS for a M14 or M1A but it has a couple of differences that make me wonder what the hell it really is.
 First off, it does have a selector cut out plug so it is a military stock. It uses a normal M14 butt plate. The pistol grip has more of a curve to it than an E2 stock does and the butt does not have the swoopyness that an E2 does.

Here is an M14E2

And here is what I have.

Now I suspicion someone has cut off the top of the butt of a real E2 stock as the bottom of the butt has the same profile as that of an E2. There is really not much difference in the pistol grip but there is some. I have posted pictures on to see if anyone there can figure what the hell I have.

I plan on putting my M1A in this and topping it with some nice optics. Optics are stupid expensive anymore so I don't know how that is going work out but it will have some glass on it. For a finish I'm leaning towards a Vietnam era tiger stripe camo. Will I do it with DuraCoat or will it get dipped? I really don't know at this time. I will probable have some nation match work done to the gun.  boring out the flash hider and welding the flash hider and gas regulator assembly into a unit, squaring the receiver(?) and some other things that increase the accuracy of these fine firearms. It already has NM sights but with my aging eyes its time for glass on the beauty.

I'll keep this project post as I go along and actually make some progress.

And by the way, yeah, I know I have been a lazy ass and not post much of anything for a long time. As I say a lot anymore,  life intervenes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Well I have reached a milepost in my life. On the 27 of July I had my right knee replaced. This has been coming for many years now, ever since high school football ruined it. After that cheap shot. I kept active, running, lifting, hunting, fishing, riding ATV's, swimming and fighting. I also worked in the Texas oilfields and one form of construction or another all my life. All this finally took its toll and here I sit, just off the CPM (knee flexor machine) and looking forward to..........Yep, another knee replacement. I have beat up the left knee so bad, taking the load off the right knee, that  it is junk also. So, about the time I am walking good, I go under the knife, vibratory saw and who knows what other tools for the second time.

This all is a lot of pain but the I've been in a lot of pain for many years now. I do look forward to restarting some hobbies and beginning some new ones with the new knees.

Things I have given up over the years due to knee issues:
Motorcycle riding
Professional pyrotechnics
Most shooting

Looking forward to a whole new life !

Saturday, April 2, 2016

For All The Workin' Folk...

An open letter to all the shoe and boot manufacturers,

Writing on behalf of the millions of hard working soles who pound the pavement and concrete of this country every day, bringing pain and discomfort to the very vehicles that allow them to provide for themselves, their families, pay their taxes, take part in life's small pleasures. Yes, I'm writing of foot pain. Many millions of people make a living by walking on concrete and asphalt every day. To make a bad situation even worse is the shoes and boots that are available make the days nearly intolerable.
   Shoe designers, get out of the lab, strap on you finest and spend 40 or 60 hours on concrete. THEN, tell us how good your products are. Come on, with the technology of today, you cannot design a shoe or boot that is comfortable on concrete? You can make shoes that make a person run faster, jump higher and climb better or even look better but have nothing for the common people that work at big box stores, supermarkets, hospitals, construction and many other professions for low to mid level income. Come on Wolverine, Reebok, Nike, Timberland, Thorogood and yes even Redwing should be reading this ( I have a LOT of experience with pain and Redwing boots), come on Carolina, Brahma, New Balance, join in here and design a shoe or boot that provides us with comfort and durability to make our crappy lives with our crappy jobs just a little easier. If you can do this, you will endear yourselves the working men and women of this country.

Friday, March 11, 2016

A Ginger Post

If you are a ginger lover like me you will appreciate this link I'm adding here.

Ah, My kingdom for a freckled ginger lass! Well, a man can dream, can't he?'

Here's milder sampling.......

If these pichures are yourn, tough shit, I stole 'em fare and square.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Feds Burning Cows ALIVE, Torching Homes, Imprisoning Ranchers!

Hypocracy Hard At Work

Just released..... Two weeks after the Hammond family lit a backfire to stop a wildfire (and now serving a second jail sentence for doing so) BLM crews spent two days lighting fires to burn off summer cattle feed and to destroy ranches. Home were burned, cattle were killed and injured and the crews had no regard for human safety.

This is when a couple of sniper teams were needed. This is pure hypocrisy and no one from the BLM has been charged, jailed or even held accountable for this despicable action. If anyone ever sees BLM crews taking part to run ranchers off of the property in this manner, stop, call your buddies and take fucking action. Smoke makes great cover.

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year House Keeping and My Rant

Well this is always a sad time of the blog roll. I have not been the best at posting on a regular basis for a while now but....... if ya aint posted in a year or so, see ya. Only post once in many, many months, so long. I really like all of these blogs but if they aint into it any more, not my problem. I will miss all of them.

That being said,

In regards to the Oregon situation, Fuck all the libtards, mediajerks and ignorant reporters.

The father and son have been sentenced and served time once. Then the US fucking Government got a hair up their nasty asses and "resentenced" them. So, hell yes, take over some government shit. Show the idiots what the face of home grown terrorism looks like. Now I'm NOT saying the occupiers are terrorists. But the soon to be federal responders will be. Now Oregon is a far stretch for many Patriots, so.... when the lead starts flying in Oregon, let it fly in your own AO. Start your recon now. Get busy, cause fucking every body is tired of the government crap. Non-stop regulations, rules for us and not them, rigged trials, rigged investigations, murderous cops, outlaw federal organizations, Illegal taxation, domestic spying and do I have add an illegal alien in the fucking White House, not to mention the non-stop flood of other aliens and the importation of terrorists from Syria. God Dam, what fucking else do we have to take? The Illegal Alien in the White House is going make some announcement about guns this week. Well, fuck him! Ignore anything he institutes, get on with your life, do your thing just like you have been doing all along. Stand up like a man with a pair of balls and just fucking say NO!

In regard to the Hammonds, they did a prescribed burn and it got out of control but THEY put it out. Then a lightning storm started several fires the joined together to make a major fire. The Hammonds started a back burn to control the major fire. In fsct it worked so damn good it stopped the major fire. For doing this they were changed with arson, called terrorists and fined $400,000 dollars. For doing the right thing they are fined, sentenced, jailed, freed, jailed again and labeled terrorists. So if doing the Right thing, I do believe it time to do another right thing... correct the wrong things, however it must be done.