Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Well I have reached a milepost in my life. On the 27 of July I had my right knee replaced. This has been coming for many years now, ever since high school football ruined it. After that cheap shot. I kept active, running, lifting, hunting, fishing, riding ATV's, swimming and fighting. I also worked in the Texas oilfields and one form of construction or another all my life. All this finally took its toll and here I sit, just off the CPM (knee flexor machine) and looking forward to..........Yep, another knee replacement. I have beat up the left knee so bad, taking the load off the right knee, that  it is junk also. So, about the time I am walking good, I go under the knife, vibratory saw and who knows what other tools for the second time.

This all is a lot of pain but the I've been in a lot of pain for many years now. I do look forward to restarting some hobbies and beginning some new ones with the new knees.

Things I have given up over the years due to knee issues:
Motorcycle riding
Professional pyrotechnics
Most shooting

Looking forward to a whole new life !

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