Monday, November 30, 2009

Book Review and Library Additions.

A couple of weeks ago I received my copy of James Talmage Stevens latest issue of "Making the Best of Basics Family Preparedness Handbook". The cover announces that this is the 11Th version of this guide. First published in 1974 and continually updated until 2009 this is a must have book for any ones survival library. The 27 chapters cover pretty much everything one needs to do to have a well set up home that will endure through any foreseeable disaster or calamity. There are chapters that cover recipes, food types, inventories suggestions, calculation tables, nutrition, water needs, book lists', financial information and lots more. Using the tables that are supplied you can calculate the nutrition needs for your family using a simple mathematical formula. The tables should be copied to maximize their usefulness. Of course the book does come with a CD that will allow you to print these tables if you want to. I was impressed with the amount of information that was provided but found that for my needs it had too much emphasis on recipes. If you don't know how to cook with basics though, this might be just what you need. Mr. Talmage has the opinion that your house should be your personal convenience store where you can find pretty much anything you need. Pick up a copy at any of several vendors, like this one, that carry it or even from the source, as this is a valuable addition to any complete survival library.

I picked up some books that I hope will not be needed. I still think they are a good addition to my library. These include military manuals FM 21-76 Survival, TM 31-201-1 Incendiaries and TM 31-201 Improvised munitions handbook. Like I said, these are books that have information that I hope I never need to know. I did also pick up a fresh copy of the Bluebook of Gun Values.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Funshow! A family gathering. Support your local gun dealer

I just got back from the funshow in Columbia, Missouri. It was a small event with lots of guns and gun stuff. I think the best deal of the day was the bargain basement CMMG Mfourgeries at $599. The rest of the collection was well, overpriced. "Inexpensive" derringers at $250, a well used marlin 22 mag rifle sans magazine $175. I did see a Smith and Wesson Second Model revolver in 38 S&W for $258. I have wanted to acquire one of these and it was in very nice shape, I just don't have the bucks at this time. All I brought home was some military manuals and a new copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values. I saw a couple of decent, not nice, just decent pump 22's but everyone thinks they are better than decent, lots better. I also saw beat up 30 carbines of no particular importance, selling for new AR-15 prices. I did get to see alot of guns though including one I fell in love with. A SIG P238 with a slide in rainbow titanium. Gorgeous! I gotta have one.

Tomorrow we are off to my Dad's for the second round of Thanksgiving. And a little shooting. My and guns, Yahooo! Cherry will try out a couple of 22 pistols to warm up and then move on to the 9mm to see how she likes that. We went on a gunshop tour yesterday. 3 in a row. We did see a lot of stuff we liked, awful nice stuff. I fell in love with a special edition Ruger 10/22. Ruger made a run of them in nicely figured walnut stocks with a straight english style wrist and schnabel tip forearm with attractive carving on the wrist and forearm. Beautiful.
Another find was a 22 caliber 1911 pistol that will be going out the door at $299. What a deal!
Check out your local gunshop as there is some really neat stuff coming out right now.

Friday, November 27, 2009

27 years. More to come. It's a feast!

Yesterday we all had something to be thankful for. I had something else to to give thanks for. Thursday marked 27 years of wedded bliss with Cherry Pie. Thanks babe, for the best years of my life. You're my wife, partner, confidant, lover and best friend. When I'm ready to tear down someones world you are there to calm me down. Thanks for all you have done.

Well I finally got through to the unemployment folks and I'm all set for another 14 weeks but it seems the government is saying the unemployment situation won't improve until 2012. Any bets? 2012? WTF? I thought all those trillions being pumped into the economy (RIGHT NOW) were going to make everything all right. Oh that's right, all the money went to the big banks who bought other failing banks and then spent the rest of the money on what? Oh that's right its a SECRET! A great big fat secret. A secret that has produced NO jobs. Thanks for nothing Washington. Oh, sorry about that, thanks for the extra 14 weeks of unemployment insurance. I'd rather have had a job instead of another 14 weeks on the dole.

Well the Big Feast was everything I'd hoped for. Lots of food, desserts, drinks and family. And plenty of Jeff Davis Pie. I do need to mention one other thing, Cherry Pie makes the best pecan pie in the world. The deep fried turkey came out great, crispy skin, moist meat and and tender.
Gallons of sweettea were poured, potatoes and gravy by the pound were consumed. MMMMMM.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

They'll Just Take It. Jeff Davis Pie.

I was speaking with some good friends of ours this afternoon about one thing or another and we got to the topic of the coming economic collapse and she made the statement that it didn't make any sense to store food as that would make you the target of people with out food. My thinking is, when the economic collapse comes and people can't afford food so the stores quit ordering more and the hungry masses raid the store and the warehouse workers quit for lack of pay and the trucks quit running for lack of loads due to lack of orders...what are you going to eat if you don't have it stored? Sure, go hunt down a deer or two...along with every other man-jack that needs to feed a family. How long will the deer in your locality last with everyday depredation by the hungry locals? How about small game? I have seen local areas basically hunted out of small game or the small game moved due to excessive pressure from hunters. It's my firm belief that every family must have at least a year of stored food, preferably more. Hell, how many of your grandparents kept a root cellar full of canned goods and kept a deep freeze chock full of every thing they could cram in it? And no one thought it strange. Why do people question it now? This lady is 60 and comes from a rural area so she should have a little knowledge of what I'm speaking of.

We have about 14 family members coming over for Thanksgiving dinner so I'm giving the house a top to bottom cleaning. I have to get the dining room, kitchen, and utility room cleaned tomorrow and set up the hallway for the kids to eat in. I was looking at the menu and we are having a FEAST! I can't wait, my mouth is watering for my bi-annual Jeff Davis Pie. I have one on Thanksgiving and I have one on June 3, President Davis' birthday. Occasionally I get one on Christmas too, but not always. Want the recipe? Respond via comments and I will give it to you.
Since my dad can't travel, we're going up there on Saturday to have dinner with his other family and we're having another family treat..Angel Delight. MMM GOOD! Ask me for that recipe too. I can almost guarantee there will be a little shooting up at Dad's place. Not that kind! I'll have to keep the felonious brothers away from the guns though. Cherry Pie fell in love with the Ruger P89 DAO and wants to learn to shoot it and use it for her carry in the car and office gun. I can see a new purse coming up for that.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey, it was my anniversary on the 21st. One year of unemployment. Whatta day to commemorate. I keep hearing that the job situation is getting better, as Missouri's slogan me. Local job openings are geared towards people that have no responsibilities like house payments, utility bills, insurance, car payment, etc. Meaning most of the local jobs are filled by the countless teenagers closely followed by the retirees looking to augment their meager SSI or pension payments. In this town we have Sonic, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Arbeys, Applebee's, KFC/Taco Bell, Subway, Quizno's mostly staffed by teeny boppers. The local Wal Mart and Orschelins rarely hire. The local seat factory is laying people off and the pasta plant isn't hiring. Driving outward for a job is not really an option now as the offered 7-9 dollars an hour for most available jobs scarcely covers the gas to commute. What a world we are living in now when unemployment pays more than actual jobs.

Have your heard about the 1918 type flu that has hit the Ukraine? The network news isn't saying a damn thing about it. Parts of Croatia are fully quarantined due to the virulent nature of this bug. It is a hemorrhagic type of infection that destroys the lungs. Gee, I guess no one really needs to know about this bad boy of flu bugs even if there are suspected cases in Iowa. So take precautions. Wash your hands frequently, doe up on P51 Oil of Oregano, take you vitamins, stop all that hand shaking. Read up on how to avoid the flu and follow those guidelines religiously.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Missouri mayhem, AH AG Holder

Missouri has had concealed carry for a couple of years now and there have been no problems to speak of with the new law other than sheriffs complaining about the cost and trying to milk the system for all they can, cities trying to exempt themselves from the law, business' throwing a fit about it and the usual naysayers predicting a bloodbath. As a result of all the wrangling, all a business has to do to prevent you from carrying a concealed weapon is post a sign on the door stating no weapons allowed. If we look at open carry, there is a stranger set up. Missouri allows open carry by law, but the State allows cities to enact ordinances that override State law when it comes to carrying a gun openly. So you can carry a concealed firearms and other than a few places like schools, churches and state and federal offices no one can say boo about it except any business that wants to strip your state right from you. The open carry law lets you carry openly except for in any town that decides to prevent you from doing that. Can you see any problem here? For conceal carry I say carry on, after all it's supposed to be concealed, right? And if it's concealed, why do you need a permit? You don't have to have training or a permit to carry openly but, you have to have a 100-250 dollar class and a 100 dollar permit to carry concealed. Is this screwed up or what? The town I live in has no exception to open carry except for the Chief of Police saying that his officers will put you down every time a person makes a report of someone carrying a gun. Isn't that false arrest, harassment, illegal detainment? If I had the bucks I'd open carry to see how may charges I could direct at the city, the police and the chief himself. Way to go Excelsior Springs! What a crew!

In response to the Fort Hood terrorist attack, Attorney General Holder reveals his true feeling on gun ownership. Register them all. That's his idea. Just violate the Constitution to make all those liberals feel better. Just think, a whole administration full of asshole like this.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Applebee crap. Audit the Fed. Palin

Some friend took us out to dinner this evening at the local Applebee's. I have always liked Applebee's restaurants. When the announcement was made that one was coming to our town I thought...great! Well, Applebee's decided to change the format of their new stores and the new ones going into small towns were the lucky recipient of the new CRAP restaurants. Bright, white, diner-ish with a reduced menu. Then staff it with half- assed employees and my enthusiasm for this chain has burnt out. The steaks are tasteless and they try to hide that fact by covering them with CHEESE or some other stuff that has no place on a steak. No more for me. Not even if friends are buying.

Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve Bank has gotten all the traction it needs it seems. You have to keep in mind the Federal Reserve is not a Federal institution but a privately held bank with a board of directors from all over the globe. And they control our currency. And have never been audited by the Federal Government. I wonder what kind of shenanigans will be found it those books.

Sarah Palin has got to love trouble. Every time she raises her gorgeous head, the liberals go crazy. With the publication of her new book, "Going Rouge", she has hit the trail promoting the book and getting on all the talk shows to face belated quizzing about the past Presidential campaign where she made her stunning nationwide appearance. Neither right or left has much to say about the book but they both have all kinds of stuff to say about the campaign.Hell, even "I'm Not Taking Sides Opra" , who actually took sides, had her on. I hear the liberals that did no fact checking of MaoBama's books are hiring extra folks to rip into Sarah's book. On the liberal side they will believe everything that was written by the Great Imposter, no matter how much evidence there is that he didn't actually, you know, write the damn things. Or even question some of the commentary in them. But if a Right Wing goddess pens a memoir they will attack it like a pack of great white sharks after a bloody seal.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Food for the long term.

Another week of nothing. No sun, no job, no money. I ain't got nothin' but love. Actually the sun is out a little today and more to come say the weather guessers.

I did an inventory of our stored foods and then looked up a food calorie chart. After adding, dividing and carrying the ones I found we have 1,288,800 calories stored. That's enough for two 1500 calorie daily diets for 429 days or, we can live a little fatter at 2000 calories each and have enough for 322 days. Now that's a pretty bland rice and beans diet with some pasta, and olive oil thrown in. We also have some small quantities of powdered milk, rolled oats, egg noodles and macaroni. I did find that we don't have enough fats stored. So I plan on ordering some canned butter, stocking some tuna in oil, and some canned cheese. The canned butter and cheese as well as some different meats, legumes and grains can be ordered at . I also want to order some freeze dried pork chops from . You can also get grains and legumes from this place, Honeyville Grain. Between all that we should have enough fats in the diet and stretch the days out to well over 600 with the addition of a little more rice and beans and adding some corn and wheat to the mix. We do have some spices, seasonings and bullion put by but at this point, I want to add some more variety while extending the amount. I organized the room this stuff is in and will add a small one room a/c unit to control the temperature this summer. I'm in the process of actually making that "room" a room, as in with a door. Currently it's a 3 sided space. This summer I will try my hand at canning some vegetables to keep in the basement. That will really stretch out the "fooddays". That's like puttin' sunshine in a jar. I think the very next thing we will order is some gamma seal lids for the buckets. In the event of a societal breakdown, if the power stays on for a while we do have many days of frozen food to consume first. The way things are looking a break down of society is the first concern we should all have. People losing their jobs, houses, families, savings, retirement and hope will eventually lead to a societal collapse.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

65 years ago today my father came to this world. 19 years later he helped bring me into this world. Even though our minds didn't always agree, our hearts did. Dad, thanks for all you have done for me and all you have taught me.

More rain and cool weather today so none of the stuff I planned to do outdoors is getting done. So, I called my brother last night and we agreed to drive to Dad's this morning and see him on his birthday.
The weather guessers say this kind of weather will continue most of this week. We'll see how winter is going to shape up. It is said that the date of your first measurable snow is the number of snows you will get over the winter. Today is the 17th. We had measurable snow this morning. So....16 more?

I want to get a duty type holster for my XD45 as the XD gear holsters, while quite handy, are not for everyday use. I think I will finally settle on a Blackhawk Serpa. I will put that on a duty type belt with a double mag carrier, communication pouch, flashlight holder and maybe some other crap and use it for my quick response set up and kept in the bedroom along with the Mossberg 590.

Monday, November 16, 2009

SSSC, That old gun of mine. Those animals

Yesterday, I did...very little. Surfed, showered, shopped and cooked. I made pancakes, of course, for breakfast. We sat around and read a while, I blogged and looked for a job. Cherry Pie left to go work on the Fireworks committee parade float and I went to the grocery store. At Cherry's request, due to the cool, rainy weather, I made another batch of outstanding chili. Toned down for Cherry's delicate palate. Later on we watched TV, read some more. Of course I HAD to get a gun or two out just to look at.

When I can get some of those ever elusive dollars gathered up I want to install a thumbhole stock on my old 30/06 and put some better glass on it, maybe a better trigger. For a cheap version of the Winchester model 70, the Ranger 670 I've had for years is capable of some outstanding accuracy. I can put 3 of my custom loads in to a group of less than 1/2 inch at 100 yards. In light snow with a light gusting wind, over the side of a pickup, while walking barefoot to school, all up hill. Really, it is very accurate. This gun has accounted for over 50 deer at ranges of 10 yards to over 350 yards, all one shot kills. After over 20 years of service like that I think it's about time to dress it up a little. I like this stock. In this version of laminate. Or maybe this one.
Speaking of working on guns, I find it asinine that one has to have an FFL to legally work on other folks guns. You're not selling anyone a gun, you're selling a service and parts. But in the jaded eyes of the BATFE you are delivering a firearm to a person when they pick up their repaired gun. I can understand having the license if you are making a gun to sell someone but not just to repair and modify guns. Maybe I'm wrong on this as I haven't read up on the law of it but I have looked into gunsmithing schools and they all have a section about acquiring your FFL. I wonder when you will have to have a permit to write this...guns, guns, firearms, machine guns, any other weapon, destructive device, short barreled rifle, gunsmithing. Hows that for snarkiness?

Cold and rainy again this morning, 39 and raining. The dogs won't even go outside to do their business. They'd rather hold it. Which is crazy as both of these dos are made for cold weather, a Shih Tsu and a German Shepard. Both have long outer hair and soft woolly under hairs all guaranteed to keep them warm. Oh well just because I'm an animal doesn't mean they have to be. This is the kind of weather I love, just add in some freezing rain or some other winter stuff to make it better.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

In an effort to get a job...I took that test for the local electric utility company yesterday morning. It's down to 41 of us vying for a few positions. I'm somewhat nervous about my performance but then, so was everyone else given the hallway chatter. The tutoring class I took for this and the sample tests I have been taking covered this big test nicely, except for the MATH. Remember in high school doing math that the teachers said would be valuable in the future? Well 27 years later the future arrived. The sample test and the tutoring class didn't cover ANY of the main part of the math test. I haven't seen or used algebra since my sophomore class. It sounded like no one else had either. We'll see.

I went over to my friend house to give the gun cleaning class. Boy was I surprised. In addition to the run of the mill guns, he produced an 1890 Winchester pump in 22WRF, a Winchester 1901 lever action 10 gauge shotgun, a jazzed up sporterized Carcano, I think. And a Winchester model 92 with octagon barrel in 32 Winchester special. He also had a gun I have never seen, a Rossi garrucha side by side .22 pistol with double triggers and double hammers. I told him if he ever need money I'd buy that one. You never know what your going to run into.

After last nights cleaning class, I got up this morning and organized all my cleaning supplies and made a list of stuff to replace or stock up on. I need some more patches in various sizes, more BreakFree CLP, and a can of good 'ol WD40 would be nice as well as some plain 'ol nitro solvent. Oh, some 4 aught steel wool and some gunstock wax. A couple of good bronze .22 brushes and jags would be nice, too.

Friday, November 13, 2009

How long do you think the trial for the mastermind of 9-11 will last? 2,3,4 years? What a farce, trying people, that have declared war on us, in civilian court. After we milked every little bit of info out of him, he should've been stood in front of a firing squad and shot with pork bullets while a wet wash rag was placed over his face.

Absolutely nothing has been done to improve the economy and job situation, at least from my viewpoint. One year on unemployment, hundreds of resumes distributed, job search classes at the unemployment office, a job skills class given by the same office, 2 negative responses to resumes and hundreds of no responses whatever. Like Hank said, oil is up and the stock markets down, you only get mugged if you go down town. Well I've been mugged by the economy.

I have my father-in-law and his significant other coming over tonight to feast on my Kick Ass Chicken Sandwiches. I think I have everything I need to do this with. Chicken breasts, bacon, swiss cheese, peppers, onions, olive oil, lemons, sourdough bread, and my sooper seecrit seasoning mix. Yep, all there.

The non shooting gunowner friend of mine that wants me to teach him to shoot, now wants me to come over and teach him how to clean guns, too. And identify some of his bangsticks.

I take my big 4 hour test for the utility company tomorrow morning. We'll see how this all shakes out. If I get an interview, we'll see how me and my really bum knee fair in the physical ability test.

Have a good weekend and try to get something done on your preparedness list.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We have another state that wants to join the 10Th amendment club. Kentucky has a bill, HB87, scheduled for the 2010 session that will address the commerce clause and firearms issues. This thing is really catching on. I like where it's going too. If the States keep asserting their rights as the Constitution specifies, then we will soon be closer to a version of the original United States. One where the States made most of their own laws and decisions and the USG provided defense, trade, post offices and roads, things like that. I know that's a very simplistic way of looking at it but that is how it should be...simple.

The One Sitting In The Presidents Chair has said that he doesn't want to take your guns. He has said that several times, right? Come to find out he really doesn't want to take them, he wants the UN to take them. Since we lost Ambassador Bolton in the administration change, we no longer have a staunch supporter of American law and the American Constitution speaking to the UN. Instead, we have Hillary Clinton speaking to the UN and she's ready, with Barry's blessing, to make the US fall under UN law concerning small arms. This would be a disaster for the American gun owners as well as the American firearms manufacturers. The US has no need for the UN and no need to make it's citizens subservient to UN treaties and laws.

I went to the Big Box Store of Goodies(Sam's Club) yesterday. I got some meat for the freezer and some (18lbs.) rolled oats for the storage plan as well as general grocery stuff. I need to get the oats and the powdered milk in buckets.
They had Angus 90/10 burger for $2.10 a pound in a 10 pound roll. I don't know why, but Angus meat tastes so much better than other beef. I'll take the 10lb. roll and break in down into 1lb. packages and stack it in the freezer. If you put the burger in Ziploc freezer bags you can smash it into 1lb. patties that stack like playing cards in the freezer. The thin patties freeze faster and defrost faster. The rolled oats came as two 4.5 pound bags to a box. I'll just remove the bags from the box's and place 'em (all 4) in a Mylar bag and purge the air and seal it up and bucketize it. I think the next thing we'll get is some gamma seal lids to use on the buckets we open up. The gamma seal lids have a snap on ring and a screw in top that allows you to access bulk food and still keep the remainder sealed up. I mean you really don't want to eat 40 pound of beans right away, do you? Anyway they make things a lot more simple.

I receive an email telling me my copy of James Talmage's book, Making The Best of Basics - Family Preparedness Handbook, has finally shipped. Evidently James added a lot more info to the book at the last minute and it delayed printing. Any way, it's on it's way. After I read it, I'll review it on this site.

Thanks for looking at all my advertisers! Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Barry speaks, Daley blows and some good stuff.

Apparently, Barry doesn't think jail time for uninsured folks is quite right but fines and taxes are AOK. What a guy! NOT! The government has no authority to require anyone to purchase anything. That is a right that is reserved to the states as it is not an enumerated power in the Constitution. And don't hand me that "general duty clause" crap. Speaking of the Socialist Health Care mandate, the Dimocratic Senators are meeting with the headman of head (heheheh) Bill Clinton. As the county and western song goes...behind closed doors. That's right, the party that promised an open and fair government is having another meeting about something that will affect every one in this nation and those that that will be born in this nation, behind closed doors. Without any Republicans in the room. Is Bill giving the Dimocrats the "word"? A verbal spanking? Bribes? Or maybe tips on scoring with the staff. What ever this is , it is spelled w- r- o -n- g.

A blowhard anti gun mayor from an anti gun city says that the Second Amendment is behind the shooting at Fort Hood. That's right Mayor Daley of Chicago, blames a constitutional right on a terrorist attack. By a radicalized Muslim jihadist. What else could we expect from the head windbag from the windy city? Can we pick Chicago up and drop it next to Los Angeles?

Take a look at the latest version of the ubiquitous Ruger 10-22, the sr-22. Is that cool or what? Take a 10-22 action, cram it into an aluminum casting and wala! A totally tacticool 22 rifle. I might have to have one of these.

Cherry Pie asked me to teach her to shoot and now a friend of ours, who has guns but doesn't shoot, wants me to teach him also. I can't think of anything better to do....well OK, I can think of one. Hehehehehe.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hasan Quizz

I'll give you one guess as to who has been trying to contact Al Queda recently? That's right! Our bad boy Hasan. Now for the hard part. Guess who knew all about this and has been watching good 'ol Hasan. That's right! Our Government knew about his attempts to contact terrorist organizations and still he was able to massacre 13 people and injure dozens more. And yet we are willing to cede more and more control of our lives to them.

Another state has declared their assertion of the 10th amendment. Welcome to the club Ohio! Let's keep the ball rolling until we have at least 45 states on board. The NE seaboard states probably won't go for it but the Southern, Midwestern and Western states have certainly taken hold of this idea.

We went to my Dad's place yesterday for a cookout and while there my half brother and I layed the carpet in the living room I renovated. After the carpet was down and cleaned everyone pitched in and moved all the furniture in and then stood back and admired the results. For dinner we had grilled burgers, ribs, hotdogs, chicken, porkchops, deviled eggs, potato salad, macaroni and cheese and beans. After the obligatory after dinner sit down and talk, my wife and I went to leave and as I got up I threw my back out. Great. This happened once before about 3 years ago. This time I took some Alieve and started doing pelvic tilt exercises. When I went to bed I adjusted my side of the Sleep By Number Bed to a nice firm 90. This morning I feel much better. A little stiff but definitely much better.

Every one is exclaiming at the nice weather we are having in November. I do remember the last several years being like this in November. Many deerhunts in t-shirts and that's in the second week of November here in Missouri. But then, I have waded through knee deep snow in negative temperatures during deer season also.

Sunday, November 8, 2009 a mandatory sort of way

Well, much to my disgust the Dimocratic controlled House passed the Socialist Healthcare Reform bill last night, 222-215 so it was a very close vote. One RINO (Representative Joseph Cao) voted for the bill and no actual Republicans voted for this piece of crap. I heard this morning that the bill will require you to have health insurance. Not insurance you can afford, but insurance that an Insurance Administrator says you will have to have. Failure to buy insurance can result in a fine of 4.5 percent of your gross income. Further failure to comply can result in a fine up to 250,000 dollars and/or jail time. The government is going to force you to have healthcare? WTF? Break out the hammers and sickles, join your appointed commune, Socialism has arrive in full. If the asshats do start fining for lack of coverage and forcing the issue I say hunting season is open. We can only pray that the Senate has more intelligence than the House does and either rejects this bill or decides to break out the carving knives and trim this monstrosity to some thing we can live with..even if we have to gag a little.


Due to some car related issues we have not done anything for preparedness the last two weeks. Unless you count having a dependable running car as prepared. We put new brakes and rotors on Cherry's car. This week it gets a used sway bar installed as the original one BROKE. Her car also got new tires. My truck got one new tire. All of that eliminated the possibility of laying in stores of anything. We haven't even went grocery shopping except for anything we are completely out of such as bread and milk. The main stuff is in stock.

I spoke with the sporting goods manager at Walmart a couple of weeks ago and she assured me that they are getting all the ammo they order. But their ammo shelves are very empty. An employee told me that Wallie World is only ordering the ammo they think you should have. He also said that WM is eventually going to do to ammo what they did to firearms. Remove it from the inventory. As in quit selling it. We'll see.


Friday, November 6, 2009

A local murder and a national tradgedy

A terrible tradgedy has occurred in the town I live in. A young woman, mother of 2, trying to get her life straightened, out was abducted by 3 scumbags that she knew, beaten, thrown in the trunk of their car, taken to the country and murdered. Prior to this she had been on the phone with one of the murderers and then told her brother that they were coming over to see her and she was frightened of them. She asked her brother to go outside with her and he declined saying she'd be OK as he would watch from the window. So much for that plan. What is he feeling today? Ladies, if you are frightened of someone do not go outside your home to meet with them. Do not meet with them at all. Let a RESPONSIBLE person, someone you can DEPEND on, know of your situation. Let the POLICE know if the assholes show up at your house. I repeat, DO NOT GO OUT TO MEET THEM! Men, If your sister, wife, cousin, neighbor lady is afraid of someone do not allow them to endanger themselves in this manner. There are not many women that can stand toe to toe with a man and come out the winner. Factor in a group of 3 and an untrained, unarmed woman has not a chance. I do give credit to the Excelsior Spring Police Department, the Clay County Sherrifs Department and the Ray County Sherrifs Department for bringing this to a quick resolution. We'll see what a jury will do for these murdering bastards.


Screaming ALLAH AKBAR, A US Army Major named Nidal Malik Hasan open fire on his fellow soldiers, killing 13 and wounding 29. The immediate Army reaction is that this is not a terrorist act. My immediate reaction is, the hell if it isn't. Hasan has posted anti US and anti military comments on some blog and was upset to be ordered to Afghanistan for duty against his fellow Islamic extremists. As if a Medical Corp phyciatrist will actually go into combat. So to show support for his brethren of Islam he killed his brothers in arms. I predict this will be a one in a series of such acts we will see and Islamic sleepers will make them selves known. You might wonder, how can this happen on a military base with all those soldiers there? Well, in the Military's infinite wisdom, soldiers are not allowed to be armed on base unless they are receiving arms training or they are are on guard duty. Some base commanders aren't even happy with personal ownership of firearms. Some of the restriction imposed on servicepeople regarding gun ownership is ridiculous.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still kickin'. Odd Jobs and a couple of bills.

I'm still here. I've just been somewhat busy and somewhat lazy. My sister-in-law asked me to paint the cabinets in her rental house. So I went over and removed the hardware from the top cabinets and took the doors to the basement and painted them. The next day I reinstalled them and then performed the same process for the lower cabinets. Today I re-installed the lower doors. I also adjusted all the doors for her so that they all close nicely. Yesterday I came home about 2:00 and took the new tires for Cherry's Caddie to a friends shop where we installed them. Today I got them balanced and washed the car so it looks nice when I return it to her. The new tires are quiet and ride really nice. Coming home, I thrashed a twisty rural highway and found that they corner nicely also. The tires are Falken S/TZ04's that we got from .


Pelosi delivered a health care bill that had something like 1990 pages and now there's word that she wants to add an 800 page amendment! The GOP has penned a health care bill that only has 230 pages. That's more like it. What do you bet that it gets no time on the House floor? Based solely on page count, which would you rather read and pass?

I checked out a new toy store in the area called Midwest Gun Exchange. Pretty heavy on semi-auto rifles, pistols and shotguns with a good representation of revolvers, pump shotguns and bolt action rifles. Prices were reasonable but no barn burner deals. They have a decent inventory for a new shop too.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat! Or lack there of.

As Halloween was on a Saturday this year, we loaded up on candy for all the Little beasts to collect at our home. Kiddy time came, kiddy time went. Teenager time came and teenager time went. We had a grand total of 11 kids come to the door. 11.In years past we have had over 100 show up. We live in an older neighborhood in a town of about 12 thousand.. As a matter of fact the corner of our lot is the bus stop. 11. I read the local paper and found out what was going on. All sorts of "safe" places to take your kiddies to for their goodies this year. What's safer than taking them to the folks you have known for years and years? I see this as another example of overprotective parents. Good intentioned folks that don't realize they are raising panty waisted kids that grow up into panty waisted adults. Come on parents get your kids used to the real world. Let them meet people, have a little fun. You don't have to kick them out the door and say be home by 9 baby. But, you can take them on a stroll of the neighborhood. These are the same kids that won't ride a bike, except in their own yard. Won't develop any kind of adventurous desire. Let's all go to Jimmy's house and play PS3. That'll be fun! Let's have some soda and chips while we waste 4-5 hours looking at a stupid freaking device! Parent's this is your time to shine. MAKE the little buggers get outside in the sunlight. Ride, play, work, whatever.
Be the big person. Be the parent.

Speaking of ranting...the Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest had a comment on good ol' Spam. Check it out at here. I kinda got a kick out of it 'cause I've had a craving for Spam lately. I've had a series of fried Spam sandwiches for lunch over the last week. Slice some Spam into 1/4 inch slices. Sprinkle some of your favorite seasoning on the slices, both sides now. Place in some preheated oil of your choice. Fry to a slightly crisp crust. Place two slices on a piece of lightly toasted bread, add a thin slice of onion, a slice of American cheese and a squeeze of good old yellow mustard and top with another slice of toast. MMMMM! My son likes to cut the Spam into "fingers" and deep fry them.

Hey, more banks got shut down. Nine this time around. This tells more about it. That brings the total to something like 115 banks closed this year. It doesn't sound like the recession is over to me. I know that bank closings don't mean a recession but when you add in the total amount of money in circulation, the low interest rate, the unemployment rate, all the companies that are posting massive losses in the 3rd quarter and the massive dollar sell off as well as the massive dollar printing I don't see how we cannot have a recession or even a depression.

It looks like Atlanta is poised to elect the first minority as Mayor in many years. A white woman! I guess the white flight has reversed and now a person not of color may be elected.

I know I don't like him and I don't know how you all feel about him but here's a link to Glen Beck doing a good, simple explanation of the economic crisis. By the way, I found this over at . Click on the link to get there.