Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Funshow! A family gathering. Support your local gun dealer

I just got back from the funshow in Columbia, Missouri. It was a small event with lots of guns and gun stuff. I think the best deal of the day was the bargain basement CMMG Mfourgeries at $599. The rest of the collection was well, overpriced. "Inexpensive" derringers at $250, a well used marlin 22 mag rifle sans magazine $175. I did see a Smith and Wesson Second Model revolver in 38 S&W for $258. I have wanted to acquire one of these and it was in very nice shape, I just don't have the bucks at this time. All I brought home was some military manuals and a new copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values. I saw a couple of decent, not nice, just decent pump 22's but everyone thinks they are better than decent, lots better. I also saw beat up 30 carbines of no particular importance, selling for new AR-15 prices. I did get to see alot of guns though including one I fell in love with. A SIG P238 with a slide in rainbow titanium. Gorgeous! I gotta have one.

Tomorrow we are off to my Dad's for the second round of Thanksgiving. And a little shooting. My and guns, Yahooo! Cherry will try out a couple of 22 pistols to warm up and then move on to the 9mm to see how she likes that. We went on a gunshop tour yesterday. 3 in a row. We did see a lot of stuff we liked, awful nice stuff. I fell in love with a special edition Ruger 10/22. Ruger made a run of them in nicely figured walnut stocks with a straight english style wrist and schnabel tip forearm with attractive carving on the wrist and forearm. Beautiful.
Another find was a 22 caliber 1911 pistol that will be going out the door at $299. What a deal!
Check out your local gunshop as there is some really neat stuff coming out right now.

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