Tuesday, November 24, 2009

They'll Just Take It. Jeff Davis Pie.

I was speaking with some good friends of ours this afternoon about one thing or another and we got to the topic of the coming economic collapse and she made the statement that it didn't make any sense to store food as that would make you the target of people with out food. My thinking is, when the economic collapse comes and people can't afford food so the stores quit ordering more and the hungry masses raid the store and the warehouse workers quit for lack of pay and the trucks quit running for lack of loads due to lack of orders...what are you going to eat if you don't have it stored? Sure, go hunt down a deer or two...along with every other man-jack that needs to feed a family. How long will the deer in your locality last with everyday depredation by the hungry locals? How about small game? I have seen local areas basically hunted out of small game or the small game moved due to excessive pressure from hunters. It's my firm belief that every family must have at least a year of stored food, preferably more. Hell, how many of your grandparents kept a root cellar full of canned goods and kept a deep freeze chock full of every thing they could cram in it? And no one thought it strange. Why do people question it now? This lady is 60 and comes from a rural area so she should have a little knowledge of what I'm speaking of.

We have about 14 family members coming over for Thanksgiving dinner so I'm giving the house a top to bottom cleaning. I have to get the dining room, kitchen, and utility room cleaned tomorrow and set up the hallway for the kids to eat in. I was looking at the menu and we are having a FEAST! I can't wait, my mouth is watering for my bi-annual Jeff Davis Pie. I have one on Thanksgiving and I have one on June 3, President Davis' birthday. Occasionally I get one on Christmas too, but not always. Want the recipe? Respond via comments and I will give it to you.
Since my dad can't travel, we're going up there on Saturday to have dinner with his other family and we're having another family treat..Angel Delight. MMM GOOD! Ask me for that recipe too. I can almost guarantee there will be a little shooting up at Dad's place. Not that kind! I'll have to keep the felonious brothers away from the guns though. Cherry Pie fell in love with the Ruger P89 DAO and wants to learn to shoot it and use it for her carry in the car and office gun. I can see a new purse coming up for that.


Anonymous said...

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