Thursday, November 19, 2009

Food for the long term.

Another week of nothing. No sun, no job, no money. I ain't got nothin' but love. Actually the sun is out a little today and more to come say the weather guessers.

I did an inventory of our stored foods and then looked up a food calorie chart. After adding, dividing and carrying the ones I found we have 1,288,800 calories stored. That's enough for two 1500 calorie daily diets for 429 days or, we can live a little fatter at 2000 calories each and have enough for 322 days. Now that's a pretty bland rice and beans diet with some pasta, and olive oil thrown in. We also have some small quantities of powdered milk, rolled oats, egg noodles and macaroni. I did find that we don't have enough fats stored. So I plan on ordering some canned butter, stocking some tuna in oil, and some canned cheese. The canned butter and cheese as well as some different meats, legumes and grains can be ordered at . I also want to order some freeze dried pork chops from . You can also get grains and legumes from this place, Honeyville Grain. Between all that we should have enough fats in the diet and stretch the days out to well over 600 with the addition of a little more rice and beans and adding some corn and wheat to the mix. We do have some spices, seasonings and bullion put by but at this point, I want to add some more variety while extending the amount. I organized the room this stuff is in and will add a small one room a/c unit to control the temperature this summer. I'm in the process of actually making that "room" a room, as in with a door. Currently it's a 3 sided space. This summer I will try my hand at canning some vegetables to keep in the basement. That will really stretch out the "fooddays". That's like puttin' sunshine in a jar. I think the very next thing we will order is some gamma seal lids for the buckets. In the event of a societal breakdown, if the power stays on for a while we do have many days of frozen food to consume first. The way things are looking a break down of society is the first concern we should all have. People losing their jobs, houses, families, savings, retirement and hope will eventually lead to a societal collapse.

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