Friday, November 6, 2009

A local murder and a national tradgedy

A terrible tradgedy has occurred in the town I live in. A young woman, mother of 2, trying to get her life straightened, out was abducted by 3 scumbags that she knew, beaten, thrown in the trunk of their car, taken to the country and murdered. Prior to this she had been on the phone with one of the murderers and then told her brother that they were coming over to see her and she was frightened of them. She asked her brother to go outside with her and he declined saying she'd be OK as he would watch from the window. So much for that plan. What is he feeling today? Ladies, if you are frightened of someone do not go outside your home to meet with them. Do not meet with them at all. Let a RESPONSIBLE person, someone you can DEPEND on, know of your situation. Let the POLICE know if the assholes show up at your house. I repeat, DO NOT GO OUT TO MEET THEM! Men, If your sister, wife, cousin, neighbor lady is afraid of someone do not allow them to endanger themselves in this manner. There are not many women that can stand toe to toe with a man and come out the winner. Factor in a group of 3 and an untrained, unarmed woman has not a chance. I do give credit to the Excelsior Spring Police Department, the Clay County Sherrifs Department and the Ray County Sherrifs Department for bringing this to a quick resolution. We'll see what a jury will do for these murdering bastards.


Screaming ALLAH AKBAR, A US Army Major named Nidal Malik Hasan open fire on his fellow soldiers, killing 13 and wounding 29. The immediate Army reaction is that this is not a terrorist act. My immediate reaction is, the hell if it isn't. Hasan has posted anti US and anti military comments on some blog and was upset to be ordered to Afghanistan for duty against his fellow Islamic extremists. As if a Medical Corp phyciatrist will actually go into combat. So to show support for his brethren of Islam he killed his brothers in arms. I predict this will be a one in a series of such acts we will see and Islamic sleepers will make them selves known. You might wonder, how can this happen on a military base with all those soldiers there? Well, in the Military's infinite wisdom, soldiers are not allowed to be armed on base unless they are receiving arms training or they are are on guard duty. Some base commanders aren't even happy with personal ownership of firearms. Some of the restriction imposed on servicepeople regarding gun ownership is ridiculous.

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