Sunday, November 15, 2009

In an effort to get a job...I took that test for the local electric utility company yesterday morning. It's down to 41 of us vying for a few positions. I'm somewhat nervous about my performance but then, so was everyone else given the hallway chatter. The tutoring class I took for this and the sample tests I have been taking covered this big test nicely, except for the MATH. Remember in high school doing math that the teachers said would be valuable in the future? Well 27 years later the future arrived. The sample test and the tutoring class didn't cover ANY of the main part of the math test. I haven't seen or used algebra since my sophomore class. It sounded like no one else had either. We'll see.

I went over to my friend house to give the gun cleaning class. Boy was I surprised. In addition to the run of the mill guns, he produced an 1890 Winchester pump in 22WRF, a Winchester 1901 lever action 10 gauge shotgun, a jazzed up sporterized Carcano, I think. And a Winchester model 92 with octagon barrel in 32 Winchester special. He also had a gun I have never seen, a Rossi garrucha side by side .22 pistol with double triggers and double hammers. I told him if he ever need money I'd buy that one. You never know what your going to run into.

After last nights cleaning class, I got up this morning and organized all my cleaning supplies and made a list of stuff to replace or stock up on. I need some more patches in various sizes, more BreakFree CLP, and a can of good 'ol WD40 would be nice as well as some plain 'ol nitro solvent. Oh, some 4 aught steel wool and some gunstock wax. A couple of good bronze .22 brushes and jags would be nice, too.

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