Saturday, November 21, 2009

Missouri mayhem, AH AG Holder

Missouri has had concealed carry for a couple of years now and there have been no problems to speak of with the new law other than sheriffs complaining about the cost and trying to milk the system for all they can, cities trying to exempt themselves from the law, business' throwing a fit about it and the usual naysayers predicting a bloodbath. As a result of all the wrangling, all a business has to do to prevent you from carrying a concealed weapon is post a sign on the door stating no weapons allowed. If we look at open carry, there is a stranger set up. Missouri allows open carry by law, but the State allows cities to enact ordinances that override State law when it comes to carrying a gun openly. So you can carry a concealed firearms and other than a few places like schools, churches and state and federal offices no one can say boo about it except any business that wants to strip your state right from you. The open carry law lets you carry openly except for in any town that decides to prevent you from doing that. Can you see any problem here? For conceal carry I say carry on, after all it's supposed to be concealed, right? And if it's concealed, why do you need a permit? You don't have to have training or a permit to carry openly but, you have to have a 100-250 dollar class and a 100 dollar permit to carry concealed. Is this screwed up or what? The town I live in has no exception to open carry except for the Chief of Police saying that his officers will put you down every time a person makes a report of someone carrying a gun. Isn't that false arrest, harassment, illegal detainment? If I had the bucks I'd open carry to see how may charges I could direct at the city, the police and the chief himself. Way to go Excelsior Springs! What a crew!

In response to the Fort Hood terrorist attack, Attorney General Holder reveals his true feeling on gun ownership. Register them all. That's his idea. Just violate the Constitution to make all those liberals feel better. Just think, a whole administration full of asshole like this.

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