Monday, November 16, 2009

SSSC, That old gun of mine. Those animals

Yesterday, I did...very little. Surfed, showered, shopped and cooked. I made pancakes, of course, for breakfast. We sat around and read a while, I blogged and looked for a job. Cherry Pie left to go work on the Fireworks committee parade float and I went to the grocery store. At Cherry's request, due to the cool, rainy weather, I made another batch of outstanding chili. Toned down for Cherry's delicate palate. Later on we watched TV, read some more. Of course I HAD to get a gun or two out just to look at.

When I can get some of those ever elusive dollars gathered up I want to install a thumbhole stock on my old 30/06 and put some better glass on it, maybe a better trigger. For a cheap version of the Winchester model 70, the Ranger 670 I've had for years is capable of some outstanding accuracy. I can put 3 of my custom loads in to a group of less than 1/2 inch at 100 yards. In light snow with a light gusting wind, over the side of a pickup, while walking barefoot to school, all up hill. Really, it is very accurate. This gun has accounted for over 50 deer at ranges of 10 yards to over 350 yards, all one shot kills. After over 20 years of service like that I think it's about time to dress it up a little. I like this stock. In this version of laminate. Or maybe this one.
Speaking of working on guns, I find it asinine that one has to have an FFL to legally work on other folks guns. You're not selling anyone a gun, you're selling a service and parts. But in the jaded eyes of the BATFE you are delivering a firearm to a person when they pick up their repaired gun. I can understand having the license if you are making a gun to sell someone but not just to repair and modify guns. Maybe I'm wrong on this as I haven't read up on the law of it but I have looked into gunsmithing schools and they all have a section about acquiring your FFL. I wonder when you will have to have a permit to write this...guns, guns, firearms, machine guns, any other weapon, destructive device, short barreled rifle, gunsmithing. Hows that for snarkiness?

Cold and rainy again this morning, 39 and raining. The dogs won't even go outside to do their business. They'd rather hold it. Which is crazy as both of these dos are made for cold weather, a Shih Tsu and a German Shepard. Both have long outer hair and soft woolly under hairs all guaranteed to keep them warm. Oh well just because I'm an animal doesn't mean they have to be. This is the kind of weather I love, just add in some freezing rain or some other winter stuff to make it better.

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