Thursday, November 12, 2009

We have another state that wants to join the 10Th amendment club. Kentucky has a bill, HB87, scheduled for the 2010 session that will address the commerce clause and firearms issues. This thing is really catching on. I like where it's going too. If the States keep asserting their rights as the Constitution specifies, then we will soon be closer to a version of the original United States. One where the States made most of their own laws and decisions and the USG provided defense, trade, post offices and roads, things like that. I know that's a very simplistic way of looking at it but that is how it should be...simple.

The One Sitting In The Presidents Chair has said that he doesn't want to take your guns. He has said that several times, right? Come to find out he really doesn't want to take them, he wants the UN to take them. Since we lost Ambassador Bolton in the administration change, we no longer have a staunch supporter of American law and the American Constitution speaking to the UN. Instead, we have Hillary Clinton speaking to the UN and she's ready, with Barry's blessing, to make the US fall under UN law concerning small arms. This would be a disaster for the American gun owners as well as the American firearms manufacturers. The US has no need for the UN and no need to make it's citizens subservient to UN treaties and laws.

I went to the Big Box Store of Goodies(Sam's Club) yesterday. I got some meat for the freezer and some (18lbs.) rolled oats for the storage plan as well as general grocery stuff. I need to get the oats and the powdered milk in buckets.
They had Angus 90/10 burger for $2.10 a pound in a 10 pound roll. I don't know why, but Angus meat tastes so much better than other beef. I'll take the 10lb. roll and break in down into 1lb. packages and stack it in the freezer. If you put the burger in Ziploc freezer bags you can smash it into 1lb. patties that stack like playing cards in the freezer. The thin patties freeze faster and defrost faster. The rolled oats came as two 4.5 pound bags to a box. I'll just remove the bags from the box's and place 'em (all 4) in a Mylar bag and purge the air and seal it up and bucketize it. I think the next thing we'll get is some gamma seal lids to use on the buckets we open up. The gamma seal lids have a snap on ring and a screw in top that allows you to access bulk food and still keep the remainder sealed up. I mean you really don't want to eat 40 pound of beans right away, do you? Anyway they make things a lot more simple.

I receive an email telling me my copy of James Talmage's book, Making The Best of Basics - Family Preparedness Handbook, has finally shipped. Evidently James added a lot more info to the book at the last minute and it delayed printing. Any way, it's on it's way. After I read it, I'll review it on this site.

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