Friday, November 20, 2009

Applebee crap. Audit the Fed. Palin

Some friend took us out to dinner this evening at the local Applebee's. I have always liked Applebee's restaurants. When the announcement was made that one was coming to our town I thought...great! Well, Applebee's decided to change the format of their new stores and the new ones going into small towns were the lucky recipient of the new CRAP restaurants. Bright, white, diner-ish with a reduced menu. Then staff it with half- assed employees and my enthusiasm for this chain has burnt out. The steaks are tasteless and they try to hide that fact by covering them with CHEESE or some other stuff that has no place on a steak. No more for me. Not even if friends are buying.

Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve Bank has gotten all the traction it needs it seems. You have to keep in mind the Federal Reserve is not a Federal institution but a privately held bank with a board of directors from all over the globe. And they control our currency. And have never been audited by the Federal Government. I wonder what kind of shenanigans will be found it those books.

Sarah Palin has got to love trouble. Every time she raises her gorgeous head, the liberals go crazy. With the publication of her new book, "Going Rouge", she has hit the trail promoting the book and getting on all the talk shows to face belated quizzing about the past Presidential campaign where she made her stunning nationwide appearance. Neither right or left has much to say about the book but they both have all kinds of stuff to say about the campaign.Hell, even "I'm Not Taking Sides Opra" , who actually took sides, had her on. I hear the liberals that did no fact checking of MaoBama's books are hiring extra folks to rip into Sarah's book. On the liberal side they will believe everything that was written by the Great Imposter, no matter how much evidence there is that he didn't actually, you know, write the damn things. Or even question some of the commentary in them. But if a Right Wing goddess pens a memoir they will attack it like a pack of great white sharks after a bloody seal.

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