Sunday, November 8, 2009 a mandatory sort of way

Well, much to my disgust the Dimocratic controlled House passed the Socialist Healthcare Reform bill last night, 222-215 so it was a very close vote. One RINO (Representative Joseph Cao) voted for the bill and no actual Republicans voted for this piece of crap. I heard this morning that the bill will require you to have health insurance. Not insurance you can afford, but insurance that an Insurance Administrator says you will have to have. Failure to buy insurance can result in a fine of 4.5 percent of your gross income. Further failure to comply can result in a fine up to 250,000 dollars and/or jail time. The government is going to force you to have healthcare? WTF? Break out the hammers and sickles, join your appointed commune, Socialism has arrive in full. If the asshats do start fining for lack of coverage and forcing the issue I say hunting season is open. We can only pray that the Senate has more intelligence than the House does and either rejects this bill or decides to break out the carving knives and trim this monstrosity to some thing we can live with..even if we have to gag a little.


Due to some car related issues we have not done anything for preparedness the last two weeks. Unless you count having a dependable running car as prepared. We put new brakes and rotors on Cherry's car. This week it gets a used sway bar installed as the original one BROKE. Her car also got new tires. My truck got one new tire. All of that eliminated the possibility of laying in stores of anything. We haven't even went grocery shopping except for anything we are completely out of such as bread and milk. The main stuff is in stock.

I spoke with the sporting goods manager at Walmart a couple of weeks ago and she assured me that they are getting all the ammo they order. But their ammo shelves are very empty. An employee told me that Wallie World is only ordering the ammo they think you should have. He also said that WM is eventually going to do to ammo what they did to firearms. Remove it from the inventory. As in quit selling it. We'll see.


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