Thursday, June 28, 2012

Leftard Response or What They Think Of Us

Wandering around the web checking on the stories of the votes today. I came across this via the Sispsey Street Irregulars. Read the comments and find out what the left thinks of us.

Gun makers are running full tilt, Ruger at one time has halted all orders in and effort to catch up on the back orders. Ammo plants are working six and seven day weeks just to keep up with demand. Storage food is selling like ice cream in hell. One fine day all of these item will be brought to light.
The constition is dead. The Republic come Democracy has passed in to tyranny. It is evident that talking does no good. Clean your guns, count your ammo, check your supplies, they will soon be needed.

Two Comments

After a long (up at 5Am) hot (105) day I have only two things to say.

1. Congress Way to go! Yay Congress! Now grow a pair and follow the prosecution with imprisonment.

2. Justice John Roberts, FUCK YOU and the liberal scroats that you voted with in this monumental cluster fuck of a change to the entire US economy and voting to force millions to bow  at the feet of the all  mighty socialstic government we now have.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just A Little Turkey

It was another hot day here at Outpost Rebel . After the sweating and struggles of the day here are my evening plans.

Have a great evening my friends!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Review As Promised

Here at Outpost Rebel it's 101 at 2pm in the afternoon. I got Cherry's directives acomplished for the day while it was just in the high 80's and low 90's. Sitting here savoring some homemade vanilla ice cream and spied a book I said I would do a review of. I knocked this book out in three hours or so.

This book tells the story of the travails of an extended family after the effects of a massive solar storm. The author tells the tale over a couple of months and adds a 2 years later trailer of three and a half pages. There are several story's within a story and the whole thing is told in two hundred and fourteen pages.
It's interesting to see how the patriarch develops his end of the world strategy (which we find out piece by piece) and the way his family views him and his obsession. Good character development as well as a good story line. How ever, the authors firearms knowledge is suspect as he tells of a character "levering" the bolt of a bolt action rifle. Tackett says in his prelude the book is a mix of fiction and survival instruction manual. Well, for a survival manual it is pretty slim on information. He does tell of the things the characters did to suvive but there are very few actual details. There could be more filler to flesh out the novel. A nephew of the patriarch is a special forces soldier who is cut loose from the service. He and a few of his military buddies hike for a couple hundred miles with a group of medical women they saved. They had to slow down for the medical personel and take more breaks and that is about all the detail of this trip. They left base, they saved the medical personel, they arrived at uncles place. Cut and dried.
Another thing I didn't like was if one character decided that an action would happen then it would happen to the others in the story very soon. A couple of guys were making their first area patrol and found wild hogs in the area. The saw a huge boar and figured a boar of that size that has been eating human bodies for a few days would soon take to hunting live humans. Lo and behold that night a huge boar breaks into the crawl space hideout they were living in.
In closing all I can say is it is a good story lacking in details. The best part of book? My son bought it for me. If you want to read it wait for a free or cheap download to become available.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fathers Day Books

Today I received my Fathers Day gift(s) in the mail. They were ordered a while back and finally got here today, courtesy of Amazon and the US Mail Service. First off, Thanks to my Son and daughter in law!
  I received two books I've been wanting. The first is "A Distant Eden" by Lloyd Tackitt. Two hundred and fourteen pages of life after an enormous solar storm. The second is Mathew Bracken's latest novel called "Castigo Cay" and it goes to 537 pages. As I get these read I'll do a review of them as they both pertain to preparedness or outrageous government behavior. Tackitt's venture seems like it'll be a quick read, so look for the run down soon.
   I gotta get back to "The Outlaw Josey Wales" so, good night to all!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Are Missing The Point

I've been watching the ongoing reportage of the Fast and Furious travesty. Every talking head on TV is making this the lead story. But every single one of them are missing the point. The keep talking about the lack of cooperation from BATF and Justice ans well as Holders contempt charges. The real issue is this...I believe this administration was intending to use the strawman purchases and the "gun walking" of Fast and Furious to attack the Second Amendment, gun owners and gun dealers. The purpose of this action is to bring on draconian laws, regulations, restrictions and possibly confiscation of certain weapons. this is a subversion of the Constitution and should be treated as a constitutional crime with imprisonment and if it leads there, removal of the President.
Personally I feel the Obama and Calderon of Mexico worked this up hand in hand. A few months ago Calderon was bad mouthing gun laws in the United States. Since the F&F controversy has went public he hasn't said a thing about American gun laws.
I say investigate to the very end and if warranted, prosecute to the hilt. After all, this program has broken American law, killed innocent people, killed US Border Patrol employees and armed Mexican drug cartles.

Executive CYA or Chicago In The White House

Just got a call from a friend who told me to turn on the FOX News channel. After a few minutes of watching I am livid. Angry, pissed off, mad. The Dick Head in Charge is invoking presidential privilege. Yeah, he's covering his own ass over Fast and Furious. Holder is going to be held in contempt of Congress over his refusal to turn over documents relating to F&F. All this posturing this morning tells me Fast and Furious goes all the way to the Presidents office. After the contempt charge of Holder, there needs to be charges levied at the Dick Head himself. This is a great example of Chicago politics, gangland style. Remember 2012 voting is coming up. I know we don't have any good candidates on the conservative side but we HAVE to get this illegitimate, illegal alien, impostor posing as the POTUS out of the office and ultimately out of this country.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome And Some Great Stories

I was up very late last night or rather until early morning, and find a new reader has signed up. Kathleen Varney, welcome! Thanks for your time and feel free to comment.

I see that I have missed yet another new reader, Welcome American Commissars! Add to this group, Wirecutter. Welcome aboard friends!

I found the novel at this site. At this time I recommend The Union Creek Journal and Adrian's Undead Diary. You can vote for your favorite story also.

Friday, June 15, 2012

800K New Friends

The Asshole in Charge just used an executive order legalizing 800,000 illegal immigrants. Yes, that's Eight Hundred Thousand. Every one of which will now legally be competing with natural born Americans for jobs. Welfare and Social Security are now going to be overloaded. I ask this, Have we had enough yet? Judging by the silence I guess not.
   Sheriff Joe has it right though, He says he will keep arresting them. I know I've had a belly full of this shit. He just appeased the Latino community and made a whole buncha new liberal voters. With the way he is losing support from nearly everyone that backed him he needs some new voters.The Man Sitting In The Presidents Chair says they are Americans in heart and mind. Yeah, while they fly the Mexican flag, demand all services be in Spanish and support the racist organization La Raza. I can only imagine the tricks that will be played at this election. Keep your eyes and ears open, watch for illegal activities at the polling places. And if anyone stands in front of the place you vote at and threatens you with a billy club get photo documentation of the act and respond to that threat on your life in the appropriate manner. Fuck them all, every damn one of  'em.

Ammo Report

Last evening we went to my father in laws place. After a little bs'ing we went to the "dump" behind his house to get rid of some wood and other things that can be burned. As an after thought I took my Charter Arms Bulldog and a box of reloads to try out. Nothing fancy, no chrono, no actual targets and no measured distances. Just shooting at the dump.
The particulars:
Firearm-Charter Arms Bulldog 3 inch barrel
Caliber- .44 Special
Load-11.3 grains of 2400, standard large primer, 240 grain Keith style cast lead bullet
The 3rd edition of the Hornady manual I have puts this load at 10 percent below maximum and 800fps. The sample gun used for generation of the book data was the same as the gun I used.

First impression was "Wow, this stings!" Damn right it did. This load is nearing it's big brother the 44 magnum, recoil wise. The distances  ranged from 10 yards to 20 yards. Let me start off with saying this is not the most accurate gun I have ever shot. But it does what it's intended for well. That intended purpose being personal protection up close. At the longer range of 20 yards, estimated, it and I kept 5 in about an 8 inch pattern. But we are talking about a light gun with some severe recoil. At the closer range of about 10 yards it and I did much better with 5 going into about 4 inches.
I still have 35 of these little mothers to get rid of. I can see this load in a heavier gun used for hunting.  After trying a lighter load I will switch to a different powder and see what this does. I might wait until I acquire some bullets in different weights too.
The book call this 800fps. I seems to be generating more recoil than 800 fps should. I use 230 grain bullets in my 1911's and the don't kick like this. Of course we are talking about a heavier gun with a longer barrel. I'd like to sample this load over a chronograph and see what it's really doing.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I slept in a little this morning, 15 or 20 minutes, and got up with the usual aches and pains. Stumbled to the kitchen and whipped out a batch of biscuits. I spread some butter on the halves and topped them with blackberry jam. It made me feel a whole bunch better. Food has amazing effects on ones body and soul. My momma would be jealous of these. Tender, fluffy and tasty too.

I feel the daily coma coming on so I'll sign off for now. Have a great day people!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Take a look at this bad boy. What a concept for a bug out vehicle. The TerraDyne Amoret Gurkha F5. Way cool! I didn't even bother looking at the price! If you've got the bucks there's some possibilities here.

If money were no object..........

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lead Footin' It

I said I would write about this yesterday, but I was inder the effects a a new pain pill so, that and many other things didn't happen.
I have written before that I am a fast driver. I drive fast but, unlike the tens of millions of other drivers I drive carefully. I watch for oncoming traffic, side roads, driveways, animals and yes cops too.
Here is one thing I'm willing to do that no one I know of is. I am perfectly willing to take the ditch to avoid an accident. That may damage my truck, it may total my truck, hell, it may even do the same to me. But that's what I'm willing to do.
  So I made the trip to my doctors office in Richmond, Missouri. A drive of about 25 minutes or so.The road, 10 Highway, is a 2 lane blacktop with a recent overlay. It has 6 curves from slight to tight. One has a dual arc, which can be tricky. Even though we drive as fast as conditions will allow, it is still a road, not a race course, So we have to stay in our lane at all times. We use every bit of our lane but we do not cross the center line except for passing. I believe I made that trip in 19 minutes. Now that  not seem like a lot of time savings but to shave 6 minutes off a 25 minute drive requires some hot footing on the accelerator pedal. The top speed I was able to hit was 89 mph. The road had little traffic, I passed 2 vehicles and caught up to another that soon took a turn to the old highway leading to old downtown Richmond. Once I got on the new 210 Highway I had more traffic to contend with as well as construction. I don't know about you or your state but in Missouri the fines in a construction zone are double and I have worked roadside construction and will not make that job harder by scaring the workers. So I made up 6 minutes on the 2 lane blacktop. I was really hustelin' . Any way I arrived at my Doctors place, checked in, read half of a magazine article and heard my name called. I got weighed, and had my BP taken. The nurse says, "Hmmm, we haven't seen numbers like this for a while" I inquired as to the reading and it was 186/105. So the good Doc comes in and we discuss several matters and then he brings up my BP reading. I asked if tense or stressful situations would cause one or both sides of the reading to go up. He said usually both sides. So I explained what I had done and he commented that with that info he would write off that days blood pressure reading and asked me to take it when I got home. I arrive home after a more sedate drive, did some house cleaning and took my blood pressure. 160/80. Not great, but hey,  that's what I gotta live with. We have several rural roads with a lotta curves around here. Me and one of my buddies are working to straighten them out as they say. Now we aren't kiddies. We fully understand the situation. So we make our mods to our trucks, we keep things safe, we look out for others and are both willing to take the ditch, woods or fence as needed to prevent having a multi car accident. And we both have been to court over this many time. When I was a young man I did lose my drivers license for thirty day due to racking up to many points in a short time. So with age and hopefully a little garnered wisdom and a few electronic goodies I make my way down the road. I drive the conditions and if the condition allow for higher than normal I take advantage of that. We have cars with the best motors, transmissions, brakes and safety systems that have ever been devised. We have, mostly, roads and highways that support high speed driving. Hell, years ago with crappy brakes and piss poor roads some of the highway around here had speed limits of "Right and Proper". Seriously, the speed limit signs said right and proper. That was pre-55mph. It was also before the state started sucking the tit of the Federal Government.
All this brings me to this, Texas may be the first in the nation to post an 85 mph speed limit (on a toll road), in the nation. I was a little surprised. I lived in Texas for a couple years and I don't believe I ever saw anyone on a highway drive less than eighty. When I was working with an oilfield service company, I usually got elected to drive. We drove 4 door Chevy crew trucks pulling a funky custom made trailer with tandem axles. had that rig over a hundred many times. Oh, by the way, if your are wondering, I do not drive if I am under the effects of the meds. I blog instead.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just A Little Gear

Yesterday I had a Doctors appointment to discuss yet more of my aching, failing parts. With all the BS that has occurred in the US and world lately I upped my carry load for a trip to the doctor. Now there is no eminent crisis on the score board yet I feel that it is prudent to carry more than your belt gun when away from the house. I know, I live on the edge of the sticks but I also live in a town that has a whole bunch of folks that depend on a check or checks every month. It wouldn't take much to halt the distribution of said checks. That is just on thing that can pop up. We see more and more reports of violations of posse comitatus. As a matter of fact an Army General has recently called for active violation of that particular constitutional right. So in the morning I dug out my ever ready and ever dependable MAK -90. Loaded 2 30 round mags, filled a canteen with water stuck my .44 revolver in my pocket and hung my everyday cary bag over my shoulder. Now I felt a little better about the 25 minute drive to the doc.
Here's the MAK, I did the stock work and reblued the metal. I want to put some optic on her but that calls for dollars.

My everyday day bag is a British gas mask bag of recent issue. Sportsmans Guide had 'em on sale 3 for 15 bucks some time ago. In it I have a military poncho, 50 feet of 1/4 in rope, a small flashlight, a metal cup, a spool of 75 pound test braided line, a folding saw, a tinder box, a Rite In The Rain notebook with pencil, a pair of gloves with a pair of liners, a small bottle of bug juice, a Mylar tube tent, a multi-tool, 3 packs of handiwipes(I got a deal on a large bag of them packed for a BBQ restaurant) and finally a Citizens Rule Book. There is still space in this ever changing bag. It has a thin shoulder strap and a waist strap as well as MOLLE attachments on the back. Like I said this is my EVERY DAY bag, I get in the truck and the bag goes with me. For long trips I have a 3+ day bag made of a large ALICE pack. I always have a handgun or two on me and 1-3 knives to boot, so I don't include any of those in the bag. The big pack has a large knife though. In the EDC bag I need to include a couple of tea bags and a couple of energy bars or similar. Here is what it looks like. It seems to be a very durable bag and the sides are padded so nothing it prints. The lid closes with one snap and Velcro on 3 sides. With the way I drive I hope I never get pulled over. I'll tell you about my actual drive tomorrow.

Above The Belt

OK, I've been watching the local news this morning and the big story is about a park with a walking trail and a.....sculpture. It seem a lot of people don't like the sculpture because they say it promotes sexting. The sculpture is of a woman who is naked below the waist and has her breasts exposed through a shirt, has an arm extended taking a picture of her exposed breasts.
   The whole issue is of her exposed breasts. NO ONE is worried about her exposed ass or the full frontal cootch. Yes, a full monty. Your coming down the trail, turn a corner and at eye level is a snatch, a pussy, the life delivering vagina. The complainers evidently have no problem with this aspect but they sure are worried about the partially clothed breasts of the sculpture. Hey! I've got an idea. If they are so put off with this sculpture I've got a decent sized back yard. I mean this is a pretty shapely sculpture. I could get up in the morning, look out the window and uh, shall we say salute her with the morning wood?
   Why can't the asswipes say they don't like the nude sculpture? Why do they insinuate that the bare nakedness of the lower portion is appropriate but the partially clothed upper portion isn't? It is not acceptable in a family oriented park setting. That would be to easy I guess.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Silver Lining

Last summer one of my neighbors from the old 'hood came up with some silver coinage due to a loss in the family. He was looking to sell it as one lot so I rushed to the Internet machine, did some pdq research and ran back over with a wad of cash. I offered 12 times face value and he took it. The silver dollars are now worth (at spot price this morning) taking in the 90 percent content, 25 bucks each. The picture below is a small representation of the total haul of 90 percent dollars, halves, quarters and dimes. This my friends is REAL money. The fiat currency that most folks have in their grubby little paws is, in reality worthless. It's based on a dream and a wish. Hard money is based on intrinsic value. Sure, the price of silver has been very low before but it has never been worth nothing like the currency in your pocket now. They might be worth more as coinage but they would have to be cleaned, rated and slabbed for that. I just talking about raw silver prices. Get some, hold it in your hands. You won't be able to set it down for long. You just have to keep picking it up.
   I have seen some adds lately for cars that the owner will sell for silver only. We are slipping ever closer to the point where the hard money you have is your purchasing unit. Of course .22 ammo works real good as trading fodder but silver and small gold coins work like magic. Try it you'll like it.

Friday, June 1, 2012


I made the best biscuits I've ever made. Add some spicy sausage gravy and you have a breakfast fit for a king. Too much of it and he'll be a portly king. It was really good. Some times I out do my self.
 A few months ago I found a brand of sausage that I really like. Made by Tennessee Pride, it is tasty and has a little more fat than most sausage has nowadays. And their spicy sausage is actually spicy. Anyhow, I'm a happy boy.

I'm amazed at how many people I've met or know of that don't know what this is. Or like my wife, will not eat it. More for me I guess.
   Coming back from the Knob Creek machine gun shoot one time, my son and I stopped at a restaurant in Indianna I believe. Those folks were serving something they called biscuits and gravy. It did not deserve the title at all. Nasty stuff. Some cultures just don't get it I guess.