Friday, June 15, 2012

800K New Friends

The Asshole in Charge just used an executive order legalizing 800,000 illegal immigrants. Yes, that's Eight Hundred Thousand. Every one of which will now legally be competing with natural born Americans for jobs. Welfare and Social Security are now going to be overloaded. I ask this, Have we had enough yet? Judging by the silence I guess not.
   Sheriff Joe has it right though, He says he will keep arresting them. I know I've had a belly full of this shit. He just appeased the Latino community and made a whole buncha new liberal voters. With the way he is losing support from nearly everyone that backed him he needs some new voters.The Man Sitting In The Presidents Chair says they are Americans in heart and mind. Yeah, while they fly the Mexican flag, demand all services be in Spanish and support the racist organization La Raza. I can only imagine the tricks that will be played at this election. Keep your eyes and ears open, watch for illegal activities at the polling places. And if anyone stands in front of the place you vote at and threatens you with a billy club get photo documentation of the act and respond to that threat on your life in the appropriate manner. Fuck them all, every damn one of  'em.

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