Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Are Missing The Point

I've been watching the ongoing reportage of the Fast and Furious travesty. Every talking head on TV is making this the lead story. But every single one of them are missing the point. The keep talking about the lack of cooperation from BATF and Justice ans well as Holders contempt charges. The real issue is this...I believe this administration was intending to use the strawman purchases and the "gun walking" of Fast and Furious to attack the Second Amendment, gun owners and gun dealers. The purpose of this action is to bring on draconian laws, regulations, restrictions and possibly confiscation of certain weapons. this is a subversion of the Constitution and should be treated as a constitutional crime with imprisonment and if it leads there, removal of the President.
Personally I feel the Obama and Calderon of Mexico worked this up hand in hand. A few months ago Calderon was bad mouthing gun laws in the United States. Since the F&F controversy has went public he hasn't said a thing about American gun laws.
I say investigate to the very end and if warranted, prosecute to the hilt. After all, this program has broken American law, killed innocent people, killed US Border Patrol employees and armed Mexican drug cartles.

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