Friday, June 15, 2012

Ammo Report

Last evening we went to my father in laws place. After a little bs'ing we went to the "dump" behind his house to get rid of some wood and other things that can be burned. As an after thought I took my Charter Arms Bulldog and a box of reloads to try out. Nothing fancy, no chrono, no actual targets and no measured distances. Just shooting at the dump.
The particulars:
Firearm-Charter Arms Bulldog 3 inch barrel
Caliber- .44 Special
Load-11.3 grains of 2400, standard large primer, 240 grain Keith style cast lead bullet
The 3rd edition of the Hornady manual I have puts this load at 10 percent below maximum and 800fps. The sample gun used for generation of the book data was the same as the gun I used.

First impression was "Wow, this stings!" Damn right it did. This load is nearing it's big brother the 44 magnum, recoil wise. The distances  ranged from 10 yards to 20 yards. Let me start off with saying this is not the most accurate gun I have ever shot. But it does what it's intended for well. That intended purpose being personal protection up close. At the longer range of 20 yards, estimated, it and I kept 5 in about an 8 inch pattern. But we are talking about a light gun with some severe recoil. At the closer range of about 10 yards it and I did much better with 5 going into about 4 inches.
I still have 35 of these little mothers to get rid of. I can see this load in a heavier gun used for hunting.  After trying a lighter load I will switch to a different powder and see what this does. I might wait until I acquire some bullets in different weights too.
The book call this 800fps. I seems to be generating more recoil than 800 fps should. I use 230 grain bullets in my 1911's and the don't kick like this. Of course we are talking about a heavier gun with a longer barrel. I'd like to sample this load over a chronograph and see what it's really doing.

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