Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just A Little Gear

Yesterday I had a Doctors appointment to discuss yet more of my aching, failing parts. With all the BS that has occurred in the US and world lately I upped my carry load for a trip to the doctor. Now there is no eminent crisis on the score board yet I feel that it is prudent to carry more than your belt gun when away from the house. I know, I live on the edge of the sticks but I also live in a town that has a whole bunch of folks that depend on a check or checks every month. It wouldn't take much to halt the distribution of said checks. That is just on thing that can pop up. We see more and more reports of violations of posse comitatus. As a matter of fact an Army General has recently called for active violation of that particular constitutional right. So in the morning I dug out my ever ready and ever dependable MAK -90. Loaded 2 30 round mags, filled a canteen with water stuck my .44 revolver in my pocket and hung my everyday cary bag over my shoulder. Now I felt a little better about the 25 minute drive to the doc.
Here's the MAK, I did the stock work and reblued the metal. I want to put some optic on her but that calls for dollars.

My everyday day bag is a British gas mask bag of recent issue. Sportsmans Guide had 'em on sale 3 for 15 bucks some time ago. In it I have a military poncho, 50 feet of 1/4 in rope, a small flashlight, a metal cup, a spool of 75 pound test braided line, a folding saw, a tinder box, a Rite In The Rain notebook with pencil, a pair of gloves with a pair of liners, a small bottle of bug juice, a Mylar tube tent, a multi-tool, 3 packs of handiwipes(I got a deal on a large bag of them packed for a BBQ restaurant) and finally a Citizens Rule Book. There is still space in this ever changing bag. It has a thin shoulder strap and a waist strap as well as MOLLE attachments on the back. Like I said this is my EVERY DAY bag, I get in the truck and the bag goes with me. For long trips I have a 3+ day bag made of a large ALICE pack. I always have a handgun or two on me and 1-3 knives to boot, so I don't include any of those in the bag. The big pack has a large knife though. In the EDC bag I need to include a couple of tea bags and a couple of energy bars or similar. Here is what it looks like. It seems to be a very durable bag and the sides are padded so nothing it prints. The lid closes with one snap and Velcro on 3 sides. With the way I drive I hope I never get pulled over. I'll tell you about my actual drive tomorrow.

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