Monday, June 4, 2012

A Silver Lining

Last summer one of my neighbors from the old 'hood came up with some silver coinage due to a loss in the family. He was looking to sell it as one lot so I rushed to the Internet machine, did some pdq research and ran back over with a wad of cash. I offered 12 times face value and he took it. The silver dollars are now worth (at spot price this morning) taking in the 90 percent content, 25 bucks each. The picture below is a small representation of the total haul of 90 percent dollars, halves, quarters and dimes. This my friends is REAL money. The fiat currency that most folks have in their grubby little paws is, in reality worthless. It's based on a dream and a wish. Hard money is based on intrinsic value. Sure, the price of silver has been very low before but it has never been worth nothing like the currency in your pocket now. They might be worth more as coinage but they would have to be cleaned, rated and slabbed for that. I just talking about raw silver prices. Get some, hold it in your hands. You won't be able to set it down for long. You just have to keep picking it up.
   I have seen some adds lately for cars that the owner will sell for silver only. We are slipping ever closer to the point where the hard money you have is your purchasing unit. Of course .22 ammo works real good as trading fodder but silver and small gold coins work like magic. Try it you'll like it.


Stephen said...

I have a safe full...good for you.

Dean Carder said...

I'm working on mine. My economic situation has slowed it to a stop for now but I may have good news in a few weeks. Then I can resume my trading of worthless for value.