Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Above The Belt

OK, I've been watching the local news this morning and the big story is about a park with a walking trail and a.....sculpture. It seem a lot of people don't like the sculpture because they say it promotes sexting. The sculpture is of a woman who is naked below the waist and has her breasts exposed through a shirt, has an arm extended taking a picture of her exposed breasts.
   The whole issue is of her exposed breasts. NO ONE is worried about her exposed ass or the full frontal cootch. Yes, a full monty. Your coming down the trail, turn a corner and at eye level is a snatch, a pussy, the life delivering vagina. The complainers evidently have no problem with this aspect but they sure are worried about the partially clothed breasts of the sculpture. Hey! I've got an idea. If they are so put off with this sculpture I've got a decent sized back yard. I mean this is a pretty shapely sculpture. I could get up in the morning, look out the window and uh, shall we say salute her with the morning wood?
   Why can't the asswipes say they don't like the nude sculpture? Why do they insinuate that the bare nakedness of the lower portion is appropriate but the partially clothed upper portion isn't? It is not acceptable in a family oriented park setting. That would be to easy I guess.


GBBL said...

Simple. If I say "I don't like the nude sculpture" or "hoo-hahs scare me" or whatever, then people will see me as the problem. If I say that the sculpture gives me the urge to sext, then I am the perv.

If I indicate that the sculpture MIGHT cause abnormal (sexting) behavior in OTHERS, then I deflect my problems from me and become the hero, saving the children, etc.

GBBL said...

(My position, to be clear: Sext all you want if you are adults. If you are an especially appealing woman then email me nekkid pics of yourself, dammit.)