Monday, May 26, 2014

Ice Cubes In Hell

The gun magazines, the TV news and the gun bloggers all tell you that guns are selling like, well, like ice cubes in hell. I'm here to disagree. On three occasions I have tried sell my good, and trusty Bushmaster XM15. It's chambered in 5.56 and has several goodies attached. A Smith Enterprises Vortex flash suppressor, an Ergo grip, a Beaver Tac latch and a NC Star 3x9x46 AR scope with illuminated reticle and the original Bushmaster magazine. In this current attempted sale I have included a Nikon P223 scope, a Colt magazine and 100 rounds of ADCOM M855 steel core penetrator ammo. How many responses have I got? NONE. Zero. Nada. I have had folks inquire as to the price(1000) and that is as far as inquiries go. The gun is outstanding, the price is good and the goodies are expensive. But no takers. On one other attempt at selling this thing, I had the gun and the attached goodies with 6 quality magazines and 500 round of mixed ammo for 1200. This is when you could not find an AR and ammo was next to impossible to find. I had one response, telling me that I was gouging people and had no business asking that price. So please, someone, tell me where the guns are selling like that ice. I have tried selling this when my finances have flagged to no avail. I have struggled through and somehow made it along without selling the gun. But I do need to sell it to have a cushion for the next What The Fuck moment in my life. I will not take a loss on what I have and will not take a fucking jus because I need to sell this. So in the KC region, evidently the gun sales stories are bullshit or people really don't have any money.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pistol Packin' Teachers

Well one state has finally taken it head out of it's ass, Missouri lawmakers have approved a bill to allow teachers and other school employees to carry firearms during school hours. Let's see if this bill languishes on the Governors desk.
 More states need to wake up and realize that the only way to stop these horrendous school murders is to have legal, trained gun owners on site during normal hours.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coming To America

These scenes will soon be a part of the American history. If the current style of government does not change for the better and soon, there will be a flash point that will ignite the hearts and spirit of the American Rebels. Think the Bundy Ranch was a big thing? I predict the next encounter will have a bloody out come and segue to a bloody future. We are lied to, stolen from, shot, beaten, ignored and have had our freedoms quashed in every way imaginable and it cannot go on. We actually cannot take a piss with out violating some kind of law. We are regulated, taxed, fined, imprisoned and spied upon. We cannot make a phone call or send an email or text that is not recorded or analyzed. Our own cars, cell phones, TV's, and gaming devices send out information about us. The very ones that are supposed to protect and serve, the Police, beat and kill us with impunity.
   The government allows the country to be flooded with illegal immigrants, then allows them to utilize our social services networks and get free schooling. People from certain countries can come to American and get government loans to start a business that are not offered to you and I. And we are expected sit still and shut up. We are expected to take every thing that is shoved down our necks and ask for more, please.
And then they act all surprised when a few hundred armed folks show up at a remote desert ranch to protect and defend a rancher. Well, I believe that was just a practice run and the next encounter will not have the same outcome.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo

In honor of Mexico's national holiday known as Cinco De Mayo,  a day that many American use as an excuse to party and get drunk, a day that many Mexican may know nothing of the reason for this holiday, I give you this.

I give you one of these too.

Cinco WTF?

"Students in a California school district will not be allowed to wear American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo, due to concerns that such displays of patriotism would inflame racial tensions by offending Mexican students on their holiday."

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This is another fine example of bullshit. PC has ruined this nation and stolen our first amendment rights.


"How much land does the federal government own? A 2012 Congressional Research Survey said the federal government owns about 640 million acres, or 28 percent of the nation’s land mass. Roughly 90 percent of that property is in the West.
Put another way, one out of every two acres in the West is federally owned. In Nevada, the figure is 81.1 percent; in Alaska, 61.8 percent; in Utah, 66.5 percent; in Oregon, 53 percent. In Connecticut and Iowa, the federal government owns 0.3 percent of the land."

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And the fuckers want more. That's all they are good for is taking, taking your money, your property and your freedoms. It's high time we put a stop to this monstrosity that is no longer recognizable as the government the Constitution outlined.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Nunnage

It's Sunday




Yeah, I know I'm going to hell.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bowie? Get Ya Some!

I had every intention of getting up early and hitting the woods in search of more mushrooms. I ended up sleeping in a little and woke to a very painful morning. I skipped mushrooming and spent the morning reading and surfing. What am I reading now? Bill Bagwell's "Bowies, Big Knives And The Best Of Battle Blades". It makes for some interesting reading concerning the history, use, carry, making and science behind bowie knives and other big fighting knives. Most chapters are repeats of his articles from when he wrote for Soldier Of Fortune magazine. In this treatise he compares the lethality of the bowie against the venerable K-BAR, the AK bayonet, daggers and other knives. In doing so he makes some very valid points as to the effectiveness of bowie knives for their versatility and deadly use.
  I did not know that by 1837 three states had made it a felony to kill a man with a bowie. The killing wasn't illegal, the use of a bowie to do it was. He makes the point that New Orleans was a gentrified city but steeped in the European tradition of dueling. But by  the early 1800 one of the favorite dueling weapons was the bowie knife. Using the traditional sword dueling tactics and inventing new ones specifically for this big blade it became a fearsome weapon in the hands of a trained user. And there were plenty of places in New Orleans to get that training. Sword trainers from around the world opened shop in that port city and rough men of the seas were always in the ports and bars. The trainers from Spain had the most influence on the specialty of fighting with a bowie.
   There are some trees in NOLA that are known as the Dueling Oaks. These tree's witnessed over 900 duels a year from 1834 to the Civil War.
     Any self respecting man from the South dared not arrive in battle without a huge knife. As a matter of fact may Northern soldiers were terrified of the Southern man with his giant knife.
By the way, the man this type of knife is named after is a true American Badass. Wandered, explorer, duelist, investor, he was known to rope and ride wild deer as well as alligators too! He was shot and stabbed many times in his life and kept coming back for more.
If you have an interest in bowies, get a copy of this book and find out how awesome this decidedly American blade is.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Painkiller by Judas Priest

Aaron O'Keefe runs a Band Camp program for aspiring your musical artist and after viewing may of their videos I gotta say, WOW! Check out this cover of Pain Killer by Judas Priest. The heavy metal guitar being played by kids od outstanding!


                           This guy is one cool cat and seems to know knife fighting. Ol' Bill Bagwell recommends him and his company ComTech for knife training. Watch him, he's quick, smooth and has the moves of a dancer. Pay attention now.