Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coming To America


These scenes will soon be a part of the American history. If the current style of government does not change for the better and soon, there will be a flash point that will ignite the hearts and spirit of the American Rebels. Think the Bundy Ranch was a big thing? I predict the next encounter will have a bloody out come and segue to a bloody future. We are lied to, stolen from, shot, beaten, ignored and have had our freedoms quashed in every way imaginable and it cannot go on. We actually cannot take a piss with out violating some kind of law. We are regulated, taxed, fined, imprisoned and spied upon. We cannot make a phone call or send an email or text that is not recorded or analyzed. Our own cars, cell phones, TV's, and gaming devices send out information about us. The very ones that are supposed to protect and serve, the Police, beat and kill us with impunity.
   The government allows the country to be flooded with illegal immigrants, then allows them to utilize our social services networks and get free schooling. People from certain countries can come to American and get government loans to start a business that are not offered to you and I. And we are expected sit still and shut up. We are expected to take every thing that is shoved down our necks and ask for more, please.
And then they act all surprised when a few hundred armed folks show up at a remote desert ranch to protect and defend a rancher. Well, I believe that was just a practice run and the next encounter will not have the same outcome.

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