Saturday, March 30, 2013

Congratulations! Not for Me Though.

First off I want to say Happy Anniversary to Ken and Miss Lisa. Great work! Keep it up.
That brings me to this sorry post, already I am sick of haggling over the items accumulated over a life time with a woman I loved and thought loved me back. Because I used a small portion of my decent income over the years to buy the things that made my hobbies possible, hobbies such as hunting, shooting and camping, I will end up taking a fucking because I liked to do things. I refuse to sell these items though. These things I bought with her full understanding and tacit approval. I am sick and tired of this shit that was instigated by her over nothing. Her actions make me sick at my stomach, my head and my heart. We had yet another conversation tonight where we discussed her latest idea, another idea that fucks me over. I cannot convey how pissed I am again. I cannot speak of the level of dissapointment I have in her. So to level the playing ground, my Son is about to receive a major gift.  One that he has been waiting on for years and I had hoped he would have had to wait for many more years to receive. Action, reaction. She has not learned that lesson in 30 fucking years.

All that leaves me with this.

I wish I had one of these...

Sitting on this...

With one of these waiting on winter...

Monday, March 25, 2013

I Really Need... wake up next to this

                                                        Or this

                                                         Or this

Yeah, that's what I need.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Just Couldn't Do It

Yesterday was long day at the Depot. With the incoming storm business was slow then fast then slow again all day. I did my usual stay busy work of re-arranging the lumber stacks after the customers pawed through them. Then a gentleman came in and wanted 30 freaking bags of 80 pound sackcrete. I added several bags to a partial pallet load and that was all it took for my back to pump up the volume. I started the day out with lower back pain and tossing bags of concrete didn't make it much better. A look out the front windows around 3 showed big, fat snowflakes pummeling the air. And hour later it turned to those little flakes that blur the sky and pile up the snow. When I got off at 6 I trudged across the lot to my truck, brushed off the accumulated snow and off I went. Now the ground has some heat stored in it from the run of nice weather we had so, the snow at first just became slush. I pulled out of the lot and promptly had the truck sideways. What's a day with out a little fun, right? I manged to make the speed limit or a little under all the way home so it wasn't too bad. But when I finally staggered into the house I was hurtin'. I boiled a little pasta and dumped some off the shelf sauce it and called that supper. After a few pain pills I drifted off to sleep while watching TV. Sometime later I made it to bed and awoke this morning to 3 inches of snow, not the 10 they have been calling for. With my back and knee still giving me fits I headed out to shovel the driveway so I could get off to work later in the morning. Ya know what? Screw that! I got my drive done which did not help me in any way, physically speaking. And to top it off the city will not plow the streets until the storm is absolutely done. So with my aches and aggravation I called work and took this day off. The roads are as crappy as my tires are, my back and knees are fucked up already this morning and I just did not have the juice to continue on. So I've been snacking and napping all morning and preparing for tomorrows shift.
   Will we ever have a true spring here? A March snow storm is highly unusual in these parts. I mean, I have a beautiful machine in the garage calling my name.

Friday, March 22, 2013

What The Fuck?

Sitting here listening to some great musical stylings by Hog Jaw, contemplating the upcoming...SNOW STORM! Yep, another snowstorm is getting ready to dump another 10 freaking inches on me. Well not just me but you get the drift. Get it? The drift? Snow? Come on now keep up. Any way I got the Hog up and running finally and have started the long breakin period. And now we get another bunch of winter!
I know I haven't post anything for awhile but shit, man, life has me by the cajones and it don't feel all that good. Met my lawyer for the first time Tuesday and handed over that which was so hard to come up with, CASH. I hate to admit this but I had to file  for medicaid BUT, they are going to assist with yet another disability claim. To make this process a little more palatable, the woman handling my case is totally edible. I mean quite tasty looking and very nice. That makes it much better. And I started a part time job working for those wonderful folks with the great big indoor lumber yard and everyone wears those orange aprons. Part time and its fucking killin' me. Great people to work with, working in a department I know well, lumber and building materials. And don't break out with the jokes about wood either. But with my knees and back this isn't really the place for me to be. Gotta say thank God for vicodin once more. But I have manged to get two atta boys in the last 3 days so even being stoned and crippled I still do a good job. Well gotta get back to starin' at the walls, waitin' on the storm to hit, the axe to fall, the other shoe to drop. Try this on for size. Hogjaw, "That Dirty Woman"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Shark Is Closing In

Last night I had dinner with the one whose name will never more be mentioned. After dinner she handed me a sheaf of papers. Paper in which she had done some accounting and figuring on. In the end we were 400 bucks apart in assets. Then she says she gets the house. What? The house that I cashed out my retirement to buy? The house I rehabbed from an open leaking shell to a nice home? The house that I used up what was left of my knee on? The house she deserted? The house that I occupy? That's the house she wants? I don't fucking think so. I have a few guns and some ammo up for sale trying to raise some money for a good lawyer. I have a guitar for sale too. I took some silver and sold it. I am really needing funds to reverse this travesty. If she gets her way I will be left homeless. A worn out pickup, a harley, my tools, guns and ammo. And no place to put them. And the lot of them won't add up to the price of a small foreclosed house. She suggests low income housing for me. Bullshit! How about she go into low income housing? I haven't seen low income housing that comes with a garage for all my stuff.  I haven't seen low income housing that I would trust my stuff to be in. Things are not looking good for me.