Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Shark Is Closing In

Last night I had dinner with the one whose name will never more be mentioned. After dinner she handed me a sheaf of papers. Paper in which she had done some accounting and figuring on. In the end we were 400 bucks apart in assets. Then she says she gets the house. What? The house that I cashed out my retirement to buy? The house I rehabbed from an open leaking shell to a nice home? The house that I used up what was left of my knee on? The house she deserted? The house that I occupy? That's the house she wants? I don't fucking think so. I have a few guns and some ammo up for sale trying to raise some money for a good lawyer. I have a guitar for sale too. I took some silver and sold it. I am really needing funds to reverse this travesty. If she gets her way I will be left homeless. A worn out pickup, a harley, my tools, guns and ammo. And no place to put them. And the lot of them won't add up to the price of a small foreclosed house. She suggests low income housing for me. Bullshit! How about she go into low income housing? I haven't seen low income housing that comes with a garage for all my stuff.  I haven't seen low income housing that I would trust my stuff to be in. Things are not looking good for me.

1 comment:

Walter Zoomie said...

She walked, right?
And now she wants the fucking house?
Good God some women are evil.

I would have murder in my eyes.

Good luck, buddy.

You're gonna need it...and a good lawyer.