Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Toilet

Yes that's my life right now, the toilet. I've been working on this freaking snow and my bad knee went to shit. Something new this time. Anyway, I had a JOB interview on Wednesday that went very well. It led to another interview today. Well crap, last night my knee went south and this morning it wasn't any better. It did tighten up enough to make the interview today. I was offered a job, which I accepted and off to the drug testing facility I went. On the way back to my truck my knee did it's new thing. I gimped to the truck and off I went homeward. It is still fucked. I'm using a cane around the house now and the junk joint has tried to collapse several times resulting in near falls. So then I hear a banging at the front door. I look, I don't know this person. So I fill my pocket and cane on down to the front door. It's just the friendly process server. Handing me my " D" papers. Yep that's right. The BIG D. In a matter of months it will be over.This is not what I asked for this is what was thrust upon me. We will see how this whole thing shakes out. I anticipate being destitute very soon as currently I am not able to do the the job I just accepted, I have no money and she is legally able to take half of the retirement I put into this house that she wanted. Half will leave me with jack shit. Not enough to buy another place, not enough to rent for any length of time which is kinda funny cause I couldn't rent anyway with out a job. And contrary to what doctors,various state offices and others say, a POS Judge says I am not disabled The only good thing is that she is being kind and generous as possible. So, no more references to Cherry Pie will be seen here.The pie has gone bad.

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