Friday, February 22, 2013

Smowmaggedon 2013

Here in the midst of a horrible drought in the Midwest, a dry winter too, has reigned. Little to no moisture this winter. Then, BAM, 10 inches of snow in a few hours. Really, it started snowing at my castle at 7:36 AM. A few little flakes drifting around in the still cold air. Then a few more and a few more and then a LOT more. Then as a guy I know says, a whole fuck ton of snow. Visibility went to less than half of a block.
Here are some pics I took hour by hour. Each picture of the tree is and hourly progression starting at 7:45AM.  Late afternoon I got he snow thrower fired an went at it. Huh, first time in nearly 50 years that I have used power equipment to move snow. I have always done it with a shovel of some sort and my back. Well, no more my friends. The last two time I had to shovel snow my left hip went out and I found myself dragging myself back to the house. When my brother moved to, GULP, Kalifornia he left his snowthrower with me. This is the first time I have used it. It still makes you tired but not like shoveling the white shit all freaking day does. My grand total here was real close to 10 inches. Now that I have everything all cleared I hear that we are expecting another one on Sunday. Shit. I just got my Harley running and Mother Nature decides to bestow some actual winter on us. That bitch.


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Walter Zoomie said...

Damn. You got hammered. We got lucky this time and got a quarter inch of ice. Then it warmed up and melted. We dodged a bullet.

Do a shot. It'll make ya feel better!