Monday, February 4, 2013

Life Sucks The Big One

I'm sorry for the lack postings but things have been very interesting for me lately. And not in a good way. A couple weeks ago my employer came to me saying that my performance in the computer area was not up to snuff and I had made some mistakes on a certain federal form. After a friendly discussion we agreed that due to the interactions and side effects of the several drugs I take things would not really change. So we agreed that we would part ways at the end of January. So, since that time I have been looking for a job in every available moment. The fateful day arrived and we parted on good terms. On the way home I got a call from Chery Pie. Not a good one either. I come home to a half emptied house. We spent a good hour and a half on the phone with no real progress.
So for the last several days, my mind reeling, I get slowly stewed every night so that I can at least get some sleep. During the day if I can find something to stay busy with, things are somewhat OK. But when the shadows grow long and the light starts to fade my mind goes into overdrive. Reasons escape me, question arise over and over again. A snippet of an old Hank junior song seems tailor written for this moment."... I can't, eat I can't sleep, I can't watch no love scenes on TV........."
Yesterday, we had a frank face to face conversation. It went well. But it seems this one is going to take some time.
 And that's all I'll say about that.

I do have a new best friend though...



Walter Zoomie said...

Dude. It sounds bad, but the booze won't fix what is ailing you. It'll probably make it worse and take you to a darker place. Call a buddy. Lean on him a little. Don't give up.

Anonymous said...

Its OK to visit him, but don't get too cozy with your new best friend. He has a habit of "borrowing" a lot of money you will never see again, abusing your other friends and wrecking automobiles, then when you get into a lot of trouble, he is gone and you are stuck paying the price on your own. You seem to have skills, you will land on your feet.

Dean Carder said...

Thanks fellas! I am smarter than average. I only do my drinking at home and only at night when the demons come out and my mind starts swirling with countless thoughts that will not allow me to sleep.Thanks for the support!