Saturday, February 9, 2013

The King

I love big honkin' revolvers. Sadly I have let all mine go in various ways. stolen, traded, sold. So, imagine my delight when a friend of mine brought me a Colt King Cobra chambered in .357 Magnum to clean. It was so gummy that the cylinder would bind up and occasionally the cylinder would not close after it was opened. Wow, it was nasty! I cleaned and detailed this stainless beast, gave it a good lube with a high tech synthetic lubricant and now, it is slicker than a cat's ass. The trigger on this six shooter rivals those of Smith and Wessons offerings. It breaks crisp and sharp at about 2-3 pounds of pressure. Very nice!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Colt King Cobra!

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Robert Fowler said...

You should be using Frog Lube. It's a all natural lube developed for the Navy Seals. I tried it on one of my AR's and liked it so much I became a dealer. Send me a address and I'll send you some samples.